Top 5 Places to Watch Super Bowl 2014

    By Matt Cullen

    super bowl 2014 quinteventsWe all plan on watching the Super Bowl. Regardless if you’re a football fan or general sports fan, there is something about the Super Bowl that even attracts the non-sports interested crowd to the NFL’s Championship game.

    Whether it’s the company of friends and family, the great food, or the excitement of watching the final game of the season, Super Bowl viewership far surpasses most events in the world.

    According to Nielsen, Super Bowl 2013 garnered an audience of 108.41 million, making it the third most watched show in U.S. television history. Nielsen said that 106.6 million watched the power outage delay. Yes, you read that correctly. 106 million people watched the Super Bowl while the stadium was under a blackout. Viewers will even watch the Super Bowl without a game going on!

    So you know you’re going to watch the Super Bowl. Now the question is, “Where am I going to watch it?”

    We’ve done the hard work for you. Here is our list of the Top 5 Places to Watch Super Bowl 2014. Enjoy!

    5. Home Alone

    Okay, okay. This might not be the most exciting way to watch the Super Bowl, but there are perks of watching the game at home, by yourself.

    • super bowl recipes resized 600Complete control of the remote – you are the King/Queen of your domain. Want to switch from the game to a rerun of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives? You got it!
    • Food and Beverage King – Because you are the only one there, you have the ultimate control of food and beverage. Want Pizza and Beer or Spaghetti and Wine? There is no wrong answer here!
    • Clean up is a breeze – As a guest of one, you have the choice to clean up your mess after the game, the next day, or at the end of the month when your parents are visiting.
    • No interruptions – There is nothing worse than a large crowd of people interrupting the game or Super Bowl commercials because of their personal conversation. No need to get nasty and tell them to be quiet. You’re the only one there!

    4. Bar/Restaurant

    Don’t feel like planning a Super Bowl party or watching it in your living room? Head to your favorite bar or restaurant and let them plan your Super Bowl viewing experience. Many bars/restaurants have viewing parties that include all you can eat and drink throughout the entire game.

    The atmosphere will likely be a little loud, so don’t expect to hear all of those amazing Super Bowl commercials. But, you eliminate clean up, get a chance to hang out with your friends, and be in a lively place to watch the most exciting football game of the year.

    3. Home With Family/Friends

    super bowl 2014 party quintevents resized 600This one may cause you the most amount of work, but if you enjoy the company of others and planning a party, then this is for you!

    Hosting a Super Bowl party can be the highlight of your home entertaining year. From coordinating seating, a menu, party games, and how many televisions to move into your living room, hosting a Super Bowl party can put you on the map as a party planner extraordinaire!

    To make it easy on yourself, have each of your guests bring their favorite food/drink and make sure to have plenty of paper plates/cups. This will make the coordinating and cleaning a breeze, and leave you more time to enjoy the game with your family and friends!

    2. Friend or Relative’s House

    Don’t feel like hosting a Super Bowl party? Try and get invited to one!

    This is the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy all of the perks of being at a Super Bowl party without all the planning and cleaning involved with hosting one. Talk your family and friends into hosting a party for Super Bowl 2014. Just read them #3 above. That should peak their interest!

    1. Live at the Stadium

    There is no better place to watch Super Bowl 2014 than live inside MetLife Stadium. Be a part of history as the NFL hosts its first Super Bowl in a non-domed, cold weather stadium. Yes, it will be cold. But there is nothing more exciting than witnessing the Super Bowl live in person.

    You will also be surprised to know that you can get many of the same food and beverage amenities while you’re on site! QuintEvents and NFL On Location provide all attendees with a pre-game party that is out of this world! You will get free food and drink as well as player/cheerleader appearances, autograph opportunities, and access to official memorabilia that you cannot get anywhere else.

    Try getting all of that while watching from home!


    Attend Super Bowl XLVIII

    Where do you plan on watching Super Bowl 2014? Share your plans below!

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