College Football Playoff: Midseason Rankings & Predictions

    By Victoria Barnett

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    What is going on in the world of college football? The past couple of weeks have been entertaining to say the least. It always gets interesting when top ranked teams lose and shake up the rankings a little bit. But then again, it's only midseason and there's still plenty of time to recover.

    As you may or may not know, the official College Football Playoff rankings will not be released by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee for another couple of weeks. But, the AP rankings at least give us somewhat of an idea of where the teams are at and where they would most likely fall in the official rankings. 

    Back in July, we made a bold prediction that the teams most likely to make it to the national championship game would be Alabama, Ohio State and Florida State. We weren't too far off base! Granted, Florida State has fallen off the map and out of the rankings with their 2-3 record. But Alabama (7-0)  and Ohio State (6-1) still remain strong and have playoff potential. Despite their loss to Syracuse, Clemson can still make a case for the playoff if they can win their remaining games and clinch the ACC Championship. Anything can happen over the next several weeks, especially with undefeated powerhouses like Georgia, Penn State, TCU, Miami and Wisconsin hot on everyone's trails. 

    We're excited to see what the rest of the season holds - what are your playoff predictions?

    Current Associated Press Rankings

    1 Alabama (61) 1525 7-0 1
    2 Penn State 1432 6-0 3
    3 Georgia 1417 7-0 4
    4 TCU 1322 6-0 6
    5 Wisconsin 1241 6-0 7
    6 Ohio State 1184 6-1 9
    7 Clemson 1117 6-1 2
    8 Miami (FL) 1109 5-0 11
    9 Oklahoma 1066 5-1 12
    10 Oklahoma State 900 5-1 14
    11 Southern California 886 6-1 13
    12 Washington 811 6-1 5
    13 Notre Dame 798 5-1 16
    14 Virginia Tech 727 5-1 15
    15 Washington State 578 6-1 8
    T-16 South Florida 573 6-0 18
    T-16 NC State 573 6-1 20
    18 Michigan State 563 5-1 21
    19 Michigan 558 5-1 17
    20 UCF 387 5-0 22
    21 Auburn 303 5-2 10
    22 Stanford 274 5-2 23
    23 West Virginia 157 4-2 NR
    24 LSU 108 5-2 NR
    25 Memphis 62 5-1 NR

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