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How to Workout like a UFC Champion

Kellie Canosa

By Kellie Canosa

February 13, 2014

At some point or another we’ve all had that same New Year’s resolution – to get back in shape, whomp whomp...boring! Instead of going about the usual, expected resolution why not spice-it-up and train like a UFC Champion! You’ll surely have heads turning in 2014.

Starting a new workout regiment can be intimidating enough, especially when there are an overwhelming amount of machines, kettlebells, and rings screaming at you to, “use me, use me”. The good news is, ditch the machines, all you need is your own body mass to get you in shape and training like a champion.


Here you will find workouts that the everyday man or woman can do. To succeed in the world’s fastest-growing sport, top fighters must be proficient in wrestling, boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu and other fight styles. However, to train like a champion all you need are the primary muscles for fighting, which are the chest, back, quads, and hamstrings. Andy Hennebelle, a strength coach at the UFC Gym in Corona, California said, “You can hit all of those without so much as a weight or machine. Just do squats, lunges, push-ups and pull-ups. If you want to add in the core you can do sit-ups as well.”

When Hennebelle is training a relatively new to fitness fighter he will often start them with a regimen of bodyweight exercises. He does this because it prepares the muscles and tendons for eventually lifting heavier loads and teaches people to understand their bodies in small space.

Here is an example workout routine:

  • 3 Prong Pushup: strengthens chest muscles as well as the glute of the leg that is in the air.
  • Earthquake Pushup: strengthens the chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Helicopter Exercise (30 seconds each side): focuses on your obliques and shoulders.
  • Cow Jumping over the Moon Exercise: strengthens the chest muscles tremendously.
  • Barbwire Pushup: strengthens all the muscles in your upper body.

    1 minute break than do it again 4 more times

According to Hennebelle, bodyweight exercises for UFC fighters must be performed with the “4-2-1” push or squat: Take four seconds to lower your body, hold the bottom of the rep for two seconds, and then come up to a count of one.

So what are you waiting for! Go train like the champion you are; victory is calling!

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