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NBA Deadline Means Trades and NBA Draft Mix Ups

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

February 21, 2014

Well it’s all over. The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and I’m happy to report that (Twitter) and the rest of us have survived! But boy, was it an interesting day!

There were some rumblings and rumors in the days and moments leading up to the trade deadline: “will Rajon Rondo get traded”, “will Pau Gasol leave the Lakers,” and so on. While these players are both still with their teams, there are others who will be moving to a new city, and some teams who’ve acquired a hefty load of 2014 (and future) NBA Draft picks at their disposal.

Recap of Trades

2014 NBA Trades Picks

2014 NBA Draft Picks

So we didn’t have the juggernaut trades that we’ve had in the past, but for the 76ers it was a day of moves with Philadelphia racking up a plethora of second round picks! That was another trend of this year’s trades: second round picks became the new first round picks. But as we all have seen in drafts past, the ‘value picks’ of a second round draft can turn into the All-Stars of the future!

See The Trades Pan Out!

Be there, in person to see these trades pan out at the 2014 NBA Draft! The only way to see who the real winners and losers are is to see who they select with their newly acquired picks.

QuintEvents and NBA-Events can bring you right into the action. Last year’s Official NBA Draft Ticket Packages included premium seats to the Draft, exclusive hospitality with premium open bar options, a pre-Draft floor tour, an opportunity to meet an NBA Legend and more!

Who do you believe the won in the trades? Who has the best shot at grabbing a top NBA Draft prospect with their new picks? Share in the comments below!

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