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College Football Week 5: Winners and Losers

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

September 30, 2014

It's hard to believe another college football week has come to a close! It's officially fall and football is in full bloom! 

Like always, some teams have blown-out their opponents, other games have held close scores. Some teams have had extravagant plays, while other failed to impress. Regardless, there were some big winners and big losers in Week 5, and we've compiled a list for you! 

So let's start with the Week 5 scores and then dive into the winners and losers of college football last week!

Week 5 Scores

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How did your team perform in Week 5? Were you happy with their performance or did they fall short? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Week 5 Winners and Losers

College Football National Championship Gold B Package 1In Week 5, there were several teams talked about in a big way - some for good reasons and others, well, not so much. For starters, UCLA finally showed up to prove they can compete, Arkansas fell short to Texas A&M in overtime, Clemson's not giving up and they've got the quarterback to prove it, FSU made a big comeback, and things are looking bleak for Michigan. Let's delve into some of these performances, shall we?

Winner: UCLA Blows-Out Arizona State, 62-27

It took a while for the Bruins to build momentum this season, but the team is finally coming together. UCLA appeared in a big way to blow-out Arizona in all departments - offense, defense and special teams. The Bruins' QB Brett Hundley secured 355 yards passing with four touchdowns and defensive back Ishmael Adams scored two TDs. 

Arizona fought to keep up with UCLA's offensive plays, but the defensive problems discussed in the preseason made an appearance. Plus, the Sun Devils were missing QB Taylor Kelly (injured). If UCLA can keep performing like this, preseason predictions could come true with them being a large contender in the
College Football Playoff.

Loser: Arkansas Falls Short in OT to Texas A&M, 35-28

Arkansas came to play against Texas A&M and play they did... for the first three quarters. Things began to fall apart for the Hogs when Texas A&M's QB Kenny Hill found receiver Edward Pope for an 86-yard TD. Shortly after, A&M capitalized on a missed field goal by Arkansas and spanned 73 yards for a TD in a matter of two plays. 

Once in OT, the Aggies scored to get ahead and managed to stop Arkansas on the fourth down to secure the win. Arkansas has definitely improved from last season, but this was a definitely a confidence blow - the Hogs have to learn to play all four quarters.

Winner: Clemson Returns to Defeat North Carolina, 50-35

After Clemson's hard loss to FSU last week and the loss of their starting QB, it was a worry on whether or not the Tigers could return to the board. Well, freshman QB Deshaun Watson has proved he can carry Clemson and they're not giving up easy. His first college start on Saturday against UNC awarded him 435 yards and six TDs, a school record, and only one interception!

It should be noted the Tarheels haven't been impressive defensively this year, but Watson is also a real threat when it comes to rushing. With the right training and this confidence booster under his belt, he could really move Clemson forward.

Winner (And Loser?): FSU Comes Back Against North Carolina State, 56-41

Seminoles fans had a right to be worried in their match against NC State. The Wolfpack secured an early lead, 24-7, and held FSU for a while. Finally, the 2014 champions seemed to find their groove and began to run the ball. RB Karlos Williams had 126 yards on the ground and three TDs! 

To be honest, the comeback was impressive, but FSU still isn't all there. The dramatic occurences in weeks past have made a mark on the team, although not on the score board as of yet, and it will be interesting to see how they do in the weeks to come. 

Loser: Michigan Didn't Show Up Against Minnesota, 30-14

A fair question that seems to be circulating the college football community is "where is Michigan?" In games prior to Week 5, it became obvious Michigan was dealing with a QB problem. Now, it's appearing as if it's the entire offense. This is the first time in 135 years of Michigan football that the Wolverines have lost three times before October even hits! 

It will be interesting to see if the team can revive themselves in the coming weeks, but the
College Football Playoff might be a stretch at this point.


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