5 Reasons QuintEvents is your Ticket Package SUPER Source

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

October 8, 2014

When you think about it, the love people have for sports is a pretty incredible thing. With all the advances in technology, the changes in trends and the always evolving entertainment industry, watching sports has remained a favorite pastime for people worldwide.

The love of sports transcends age, gender, race, and unites people over the blood, sweat, and tears of a small team of athletes bringing home that big W. That being said, maybe it is time you take your love for sports to the next level while you can! Instead of simply watching your favorite sporting event from your living room, let QuintEvents and our our Official Ticket Packages help create you a super experience package for your sport loving pleasure.

Whether you want to attend the Super Bowl, an NBA All-Star Game, Kentucky Derby, or any of our other thrilling events, we can make it happen. This is how:

1. We keep it SUPER SIMPLE

Navigating through strange cities and being out of your element for a weekend, even for an event you have waited all year to attend, can be uncomfortable. Unfamiliarity can take away from the excitement of a weekend getaway.

We can handle all travel and hotel accommodations for your trip to the events of your choice to ensure your bucket list vacation goes off without a hitch. We want to make sure that you and your party feel safe, are comfortable and have plenty of entertainment. We handle all the planning for you so you have nothing to fret about other than how many different ways you can brag about your experience on the social media platform of your choice.

2. We believe in SUPERFANNING

UFC-Elite-Experience-UFC-VIP-Experiences-Forest-GriffinSports bring out the crazy in all of us. With hospitality and entertainment included in our packages, you will not miss an opportunity to pursue your sport fantasies. We encourage your fandom by providing chances to mingle with legendary athletes and celebrities while attending official, sponsored events.

Depending on your purchased package, you may have the option to hop to AT&T Stadium’s field after the College Football Playoff National Championship or take a behind the scenes tour before watching a fight in the UFC® Octagon™. We understand your desire to smell the athletes’ sweat, believe you when you say you almost made eye contact with your favorite celebrity, and want you to take an unmentionable amount of photo-ops. We even applaud it!


Fillies-and-lillies-party-kentucky-derby-2014Chances are, most people are only going to be able to attend a limited amount of bucket list sporting events in their lifetime, if any. It only makes sense that while attending one, it is made to be a memorable affair.
Part of the fun of following sports is participating in something that is bigger than you. We, too, want your experience to be larger than life. If you are looking to throw an unforgettable party for your loved ones or want to reward your hard-working employees with an event they will remember for a lifetime, we can unequivocally provide for that need. We pride ourselves on being outstanding hosts and we offer packages with private party rooms, bottle service and gourmet food.

4. We make sure it is SUPER FAST

No amusement park, concert or sporting event is free from the curse of long lines, confusion, and headaches. Let us relieve you of these nuisances. We offer packages with exclusive access on location, VIP Fast Access Passes, transportation, and hotels within close distances from the site of the event.

5. You can be SUPER SURE of the authenticity of your tickets

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of sporting events, there are plenty of secondhand markets that eat up tickets and are unreliable upon the delivery of your purchase.
If you are the ticket purchaser and have already made transportation and hotel arrangements for the event, you may be left sans ticket and out of luck. We promise that the purchase of our packages are a safe bet. Because we are Official Partners, we are the Official Source for VIP Ticket Packages. In other words, we are a sure thing.


Find your perfect sports experience package today! 

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