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Plan Your Winter Getaway to the 2015 College Football Playoff!

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

October 9, 2014

Where has the time gone? We're already in the fall months and before you know it, we'll be racing into winter. Cold weather, the potential for snow and the holidays are all on the horizon which means it's time to begin planning your winter getaway! 

You've worked hard all year and it's time to put those last couple paid vacation days to good use. Why would you not gather up your family or a few close friends and search endlessly for a way to reward yourself? 

College Football National Championship Stadium VIP Suites 5Well, look no further, folks. The ultimate winter getaway is right here knocking. Say it with me: the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship! 

Think about it. You like winter vacations. You love college football. Why wouldn't you want to make the trip to attend the most epic game to come across the college football calendar?History is going to be made and you could be a part of it!

After all, who really gets to go back to work or school after their winter vacation and say they attended national title college football game? I know who, YOU! 

Convinced yet? Good. Then let's dive into how you're going to make this dream winter vacay happen.

Where Do You Even Begin?

Okay, the College Football Playoff National Championship is the most important college football game that will be played all year... where do you even begin planning this trip? How in the world are you going to find tickets? Aren't tickets only awarded to the teams competing? Aren't ticket resellers or scalpers a little risky? 

Those are all fair questions and concerns, but let's work through some of them, shall we?

College Football National Championship Gold B Package 1For starter, yes, the teams that make it to the College Football Playoff will receive a certain amount of tickets for their students and their season ticket holders. Just like the NFL teams who compete in the Super Bowl, the teams who secure their spot in this game of all games have to take care of those fans. But, those fans are also going to have to enter the lottery - some may get tickets, some may not. If you fall in that group, you have a 50-50 shot.

And when it comes to ticket scalpers and resellers, you're correct. Those are risky deals to make. Resellers don't have your ticket in hand when you purchase. What you're really purchasing is the guarantee they're going to be able to find you a ticket to the game. Scalpers are worse. Tickets you purchase off the street right before the game might not even be valid. And then you'll just find yourself at the gate of AT&T Stadium scratching your head on what to do next.

Now, before you get discouraged, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We didn't just get your hopes up on attending the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship just to squash them! 

The alternative to the options mentioned prior is Official College Football Playoff Premium Ticket Packages provided by QuintEvents! 

You see, QuintEvents has a direct relationship with the College Football Playoff. You don't have to worry about a team sweeping in and taking your tickets, there not being enough tickets or your tickets not being valid. 

You'll receive your tickets well before the game and you're guaranteed 100 percent ticket validity. There's no middle man to go through. Your tickets are coming direct from the source.

Isn't Attending the College Football PlayoffExpensive?

Attending the College Football Playoff National Championship can be compared to attending the Super Bowl, going to the Kentucky Derby, taking a cruise, or getting in the pit right below the stage at a Beyonce (not a Bey fan? Insert your artist of choice here) concert. People dream of attending one of these bucket lists events in their lifetime! It's not going to be a $25 ticket. 

With that being said, it's also important to point out that by going to the College Football Playoff National Championship with Official Ticket Packages, you're not just attending a football game. You're experiencing it. 

The difference lies with the fact you're not going to be tailgating the game in the parking lot, sitting up in the nose bleeds of the stadium for the duration of the game, paying for expensive concessions, and heading back to the run down motel after the game because it was the only thing in your budget due to sky-rocketing hotel prices.

College Football National Championship Gold PackagesInstead, you'll be experiencing the College Football Playoff National Championship as a VIP! With your Official Package, you'll receive Playoff Premium parking (fees not included), access to an exclusive hospitality tailgate area where you'll find premium open bars, complimentary gourmet fare, interactive entertainment elements fun for the whole family, and collegiate football legend appearances! And when the game is over, you'll go back to the luxurious hotel that was included in your package!

You'll also receive an Official College Football Playoff Gift Bag brimming with official souvenirs, and depending on the package you select, you could even get postgame field access! Just imagine, walking on the field the 2015 College Football Playoff Champions just competed on! Seriously, who gets to do that?

Now, I know you see the dollar signs adding up, but why would you not ball-out when checking the college football national title game off your bucket list? Not to mention, QuintEvents offers easy payment terms so Official Ticket Packages truly ARE affordable! 

You don't have to empty your pockets to pay for your winter getaway all at once. You can put some down now and some down later. Learn more about easy payment terms>>

Take The Next Step in Booking Your Winter Getaway!

Convinced yet that this is the perfect winter vacation for you and your group? Then it's time to take action and get more information! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Playoff Premium representative or visit
QuintEvents website.

Are we going to see you at AT&T Stadium in Texas this winter? Take the next step towards booking your dream winter vacay at the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship today! 



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