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Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

October 23, 2014

We all have dreams to go out and see the world. Unfortunately, these dreams of traveling rarely meet fruition. Well, maybe it is time that changed. Make this the year you finally become the world traveler you always wanted to be!

Take off on your International Adventure! 

Explore the world and see one of your favorite sporting events while you do! You can explore the world while attending some of the most internationally famous races, games  and match ups out there. Where will you go?

You could follow Formula 1™ racers to corners of the world like the exotic island country of Bahrain, or watch the races while in populous capital cities like Melbourne, Australia. Why not plan an Italian excursion to watch the MotoGP™, Grand Prix races, or go down south and see two UFC® heavyweights battle it out in a south of the border Octagon ™! You could even travel to London, England to see some of the top NFL teams compete at the historic Wembley Stadium. There are 58 events planned this year, spread all throughout the world, to give you opportunities to see whichever sporting event you prefer in a variety of locations.

QuintEvents-Hospitality-CateringParty in the USA? Or party all over the world?

Every event is a celebration and a chance to enjoy the company of other ultimate fans. Gather with sport enthusiasts from different countries as you cheer at your favorite event, uniting in “ohhhhs” and “ahhhhs” as athletes compete to win a title.

With concerts, private parties and chances to have exclusive access, your international experience will make you feel like a VIP! Enjoy luxury accommodations, private parties, catered meals, and premium open bars while you watch your favorite sporting event from some of the best seats. 

Dream it and QuintEvents will help you do it. We know that everyone has their own idea of what traveling the world means. Let us help you customize your trip so you can ensure you are experiencing the world the way you want to. The possibilities are endless!


There is nothing quite like exploring the world with your friends or family. It only makes sense to check your dream destinations and events off your bucket list with a group of your favorite people by your side. QuintEvents can also help you put corporate travel plans into place! 

Make it a Corporate Experience! 

Bond with your co-workers or reward your employees while taking the trip of a lifetime to attend an international sporting event. Set aside time to eat, drink and relax with your loyal comrades with
corporate travel package offerings. Network with other sports fans and have the opportunity to meet legends while you do. All-you-can-eat buffets, concerts and behind-the- scenes exclusive access are just a few extras you can grab traveling with your company experiencing the gift that will keep on giving!

Moto-GP-Village-Worldwide-Dining-BreakfastIncentive Travel

Work hard, and then play hard! Show your employees the fruits of their labor and inspire the hardest workers within your company by offering them a chance to travel the world. With the option of incentive travel plans, you can set up a trip to reward your employees for their hard work thus far and to motivate them to work extra hard in the future. Build an excellent retention plan that your company will love you for! 

Take the Next Step! 

Want to become a world traveler? Well, QuintEvents can help you do it! With races, fights and games in locations all over the world, we offer an array of vacation options for any group! We can help you plan and customize the trip you have always wanted to take. Enjoy the freedom to pursue your travel fantasies from our 58 different events. Check out our various event offerings to find your perfect match.

Which destination will you choose?

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