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How Super Bowl XLIX Awakens Your Senses

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

October 16, 2014

Our senses are a funny thing - we can attribute memories and feelings directly to smells, tastes or sounds. Think about it. The smell of fresh cut grass on a Saturday morning. The taste of a home baked chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven and then the taste that just melts in your mouth. The sound of glasses clinking together as everyone shouts "cheers!"

It's my guess that as I mention these things, you get nostalgic of things that hit home for you. Our senses are a big part of what create our everyday experiences. They're what turn moments into memories. They're what turn an ordinary action into something sensational.

When it comes to checking a big moment off your bucket list, your senses play a large part in what makes that moment so magical. This is especially true for big-time sporting events such as the Super Bowl! 

Could you imagine what it would be like to attend the Super Bowl without the element of sound? Think about how much not being able to hear the announcer make the calls or the fans around you cheering would take away from the overall experience.

I bet you hadn't thought about how big of a role your senses would play. Well, let's take a look, shall we? Without further ado, take a look at how Super Bowl XLIX can awaken your senses!

Really Experience Super Bowl XLIX

Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.

Picture this: it's Super Bowl Sunday, you're in Arizona and you're going to the game! You wake up in the morning, throw on your team's jersey and head down to the lobby of your hotel room. NFL On Location staff is in the lobby greeting excited fans and reminding everyone to double-check they have their tickets and that they're not bringing any items not permitted into the stadium.

Once everyone has gathered and is ready to go, you and your fellow fans board the charter busses to be taken over to the stadium! It's time to join the NFL for a tailgate party!

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 262Once you arrive at the stadium, you use your VIP Fast Access Pass granting you a quicker, more secure entrance into the stadium, and you make your way to your exclusive hospitality area.

Once you arrive at your hospitality area, your jaw hits the floor! The aroma of complimentary gourmet food options hits you and you see the premium open bar in the center of the room. In the far corner, fans are already beginning to line up excitedly as they're about to meet their favorite NFL players and cheerleaders, and you can hear the DJ calling out to others in the audience to sing and dance along to the music playing.

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 044THIS is an NFL party and you get to have access to it for three hours before the game starts!

You and your group make your way around the hospitality area, noshing on the delicious food all around you and getting your fair share of cold brews. You take part in all the interactive elements going on around you and then you meet your favorite NFL players! Those pictures and autographs will be good for bragging rights later!

As hospitality begins to come to a close, you decide to head to one of the many merchandise stores in the stadium to redeem your $50 merchandise coupon. You can't attend the Super Bowl and leave without a momento, right?

As you hear the announcer say the National Anthem is up next, you make your way to your seats at the 50-yard line (seating locations dependent on package selected) and take in the view around you. As you scan every detail taking place on the field, you suddenly realize that yes, this is how the Super Bowl was meant to be experienced.

You spend the game on your feet, cheering your heart out, screaming for both good and bad plays, and participating in friendly smack-talking with the fans around you. The halftime show blows your mind - the volume and performance are incomparable to any other concert you've ever attended. 

Onfieldpostgame153As the clock counts down to the final minutes of the game and your team is about to become the Super Bowl XLIX Champions, you prepare yourself to bask in the celebration that's about to take place all around you. You're even going to be able to take the field yourself (Red Packages only)! 

When it's all said and done and you're back on the NFL On Location charter bus heading back to your hotel, you realize that nothing can ever touch the experience you just had at Super Bowl XLIX. That will be one memory that's with you for a lifetime!

Do You Want THIS Super Bowl XLIX Experience?

Does that sound like Super Bowl experience you've always dreamt of having? Then make your dreams become a reality today with 2015 Super Bowl Official Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location and provided by QuintEvents! 

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