Barrett-Jackson Auction

Cross the Barrett-Jackson Auction off of Your New Year's Resolutions

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

December 17, 2014

Here we are standing in the doorway. The year 2014 is passing and 2015 is knocking! With the New Year comes the time we as individuals begin to assess our actions this past year. We think of all of the things we've accomplished and all the events we wish we had been a part of. Then, we compile a list of all the things we didn't do that we want to partake in come the New Year... our list of New Year's resolutions!

For all you automobilia junkies out there, I can pose a guess as to one of the resolutions likely on your list: attending the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale!

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction 20 resized 600It's no surprise, really. Whether you'd like to participate in the bidding or just watch the world's most unique and valuable automobiles cross the block, who wouldn't want to be a part of this huge event?

But, the clock is ticking and like the New Year, the Barrett-Jackson Auction is only inching closer. So how do you go about ensuring you cross this event off your list of New Year's resolutions before it once again slips through your fingers?

It's simple really. Get in touch with QuintEvents and begin your 2015 Barrett-Jackson experience today!

Follow these three steps to take action in completing this 2015 New Year's resolution!

Step #1: Select the Amount of Days You'd Like to Attend

The first decision you'll need to make in order to cross this New Year's resolution off your list, is to decide how many days of the Barrett-Jackson Auction you'd like to attend. While the Scottsdale Auction is a nine-day event, you can opt between access for the whole event or just three-day access.

Nine days is a long time; for many, it's hard to get that many days away from your job and/or family. But, that's no reason to not check this New Year's resolution off your list in 2015! Three-day packages grant you the same unparalleled experience at Barrett-Jackson, but it's much less of a time commitment. Learn more about three-day package options>>

Now, if you're really looking to "ball-out" while completing this resolution, nine-day packages are available to you!

Step #2: Select the VIP Access Level You are Seeking

Once you've decided if you want three or nine-day access at Barrett-Jackson, it's time to decide what level of VIP access is the best fit for you. Barrett-Jackson Experiences and QuintEvents offer three different levels of packages:

  1. Owner's Box Packages
  2. VIP Luxury Reserve Packages
  3. Gold VIP Packages

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction 13 resized 600Owner's Box Official Ticket Packages are the most elite level of access you can receive at the auction. Why? Because you'll be invited to enjoy the VIP amenities within Craig Jackson's Owner's Box! Oh yes, whenever you're seeking an escape from the auction floor, you'll be able to head to Jackson's oasis where you'll find complimentary gourmet fare, premium open bars and you'll even be able to meet Craig Jackson himself! Learn more about Owner's Box Packages>>

Official Ticket Packages to the VIP Luxury Reserve grant you access to VIP Hospitality Skybox. This is the official celebrity hosting area at the Barrett-Jackson Auction; so if you're looking for the opportunity to meet A-list stars while noshing on gourmet fare and wetting your whistle with premium beverages, VIP Luxury Reserve Packages are what you're looking for. Learn more about VIP Luxury Reserve>>

Now, if you're looking to cross Barrett-Jackson off of your New Year's resolutions without breaking the bank, Gold VIP Official Ticket Packages are for you. You'll receive access to the VIP Outdoor Hospitality area complete with complimentary food and beverages in-suite, and special appearances throughout the day! Learn more about Gold VIP Packages>>

Barrett Jackson VIP Experiences Logo with white BG resized 600Step #3: Get in Touch with QuintEvents

So what are you waiting for? Don't let your dream of attending the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction pass you by another year! It's time to make this New Year's resolution happen!

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Barrett-Jackson Experiences' representative or visit QuintEvents' website for more information on packages. 

Make your dream come true in 2015! Be a part of the Barrett-Jackson!


Complete My Barrett-Jackson New Year's Resolution!