College Football Playoff

The #1 Way to Kick-Start the New Year: The College Football Playoff

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

December 29, 2014

Take a moment to think back on the past year. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Each year, we play the same game. New Year's Eve rolls in and as we spend time with friends and family celebrating another wonderful year, we nostalgically look back and create resolutions for the upcoming New Year. Then, as the ball drops at midnight, we make the New Year official with a champagne toast and a kiss, and those New Year's resolutions suddenly evaporate into the atmosphere, never to be seen again. 

According to Forbes, only eight percent of us actually keep our New Year's resolutions and successfully complete them before the following New Year's Eve. ONLY EIGHT PERCENT!

Well, folks, this is the year to change that statistic. 2015 is going to be your year! The time is now and you're going to accomplish your goals.

Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

College Football National Championship Stadium VIP Suites 57 resized 600 resized 600The same Forbes' article continues to ask "why do so many people fail at goal-setting, and what are the secrets behind those who succeed?" A few suggestions put forward are to keep your resolutions simple and make them tangible.

Writer, Dan Diamond, suggests rather than making huge bucket lists, aim to check just one item off. Instead of shooting for the stars, target something smaller and more attainable. And rather than making a New Year's resolution which is vague, such as "attend more big sporting events," make it measurable and specific, such as "attend the College Football Playoff National Championship!"


Start Your New Year with the College Football Playoff!

In keeping with the advice you've just received, make your New Year's resolution simple and tangible this year! Make the goal of attending the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship on Jan. 12, and see it through! 

college football premium package6 resized 600 resized 600All of us at QuintEvents are behind you and want to help you successfully see your New Year's resolution through this year. In fact, we've even created a guide to help you keep your resolution.

Without further ado, follow these three steps in crossing your New Year's resolution off your list!

1. Official Ticket Package = VIP Access

QuintEvents and College Football Playoff Premium makes checking the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship off your bucket list easy with Official Ticket Packages! With four different options available, there's a package at each price point.

College Football National Championship White Packages6 resized 600 resized 600Packages include your ticket to the game and access to an exclusive hospitality area for three hours pregame, where you'll find a full premium menu and a top-shelf open bar, collegiate football legend appearances, a variety of interactive entertainment elements, and more!

Other VIP amenities such as Official College Football Playoff Gift Bags or souvenir vouchers, exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program vouchers, souvenir College Football Playoff lanyard with a ticket sleeve, and access to Preferred Playoff Premium Stadium Parking are also included.

You could even opt to include luxurious accommodations in the Dallas area in your Official Ticket Package.

2. Opt for On-field Access

An amazing feature offered by QuintEvents' Official Ticket Packages which can take your New Year's resolution to the next level, is on-field access at the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship game! 

Oh yes, you could actually take the field after the national champions are announced and the confetti is dropped. Just imagine, taking pictures on the field the College Football Playoff National Championship was just played on. 

Say 'hello,' to Gold Packages because they're going to be your in.

college football national championship gold packages6 resized 600 resized 6003. Contact QuintEvents

The final step in putting your 2015 New Year's resolution into the works is contacting QuintEvents! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Playoff Premium representative or visit QuintEvents' website for more information on package options.

Don't let another year slip through your fingers! Put these resolution tips into action and achieve your dream of attending the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship into action in the New Year!


Achieve My New Year's Resolution:  Learn More About College Football Playoff Packages!