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Check-Off Your New Year's Resolutions with the Hall of Fame Game!

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

December 24, 2014

It is that time of year again! It is the time to reflect over the past year and begin thinking about the one to come. It is the time to think about what you want to accomplish or want to finaly do in the year 2015. 

NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game 1 USA Today Sports EventsIf you are anything like me, when it comes time for pen to meet paper, it can be difficult to come up with exactly what new things you want to do in the coming year. Well, we can help! 

We have a few suggestions of possible bucket-list type New Year resolutions, as well as how you can accomplish them with QuintEvents and NFL On Location's Official Ticket Packages to the the Pro-Football Hall of Fame game! 

With tickets to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame weekend event, you will be able to witness a huge sporting event with the kick-off to the NFL pre-season, watch as history is being made as the new class of enshrinees receive their gold jackets and busts and be in the company of football greats! 

Make 2015 your best year yet! 

Here are our suggestions: 

1. Attend a Large Sporting Event 

With Official Ticket Packages, you can attend one of the most iconic football events of the year: the Pro-Football Hall of Fame game. With tickets to the Hall of Fame weekend, you will not only get to watch the iconic game, but you will be surrounded by some of the sport's greatest. 

With prime seating between the 35-yard-lines, you will also have excellent views of the action! 

The Pro-Football Hall of Fame game is the kick-off of the NFL pre-season. You can witness the beginning of the 2015 season and watch as the NFL kicks off their new year. 

2. Watch as History is Made 

Enshrinees Gold Jacket Ceremony 4On Friday night, you will have the opportunity to tour the Hall of Fame without the crowds and hassle of the general population. You can also see as the enshrinees' busts are first revealed at the Enshrinement Ceremony on Saturday.

With certain ticket packages, guests will get to attend the Enshrinees' Gold Jacket Ceremony, where history is made as the enshrinees don their Gold Jackets and become NFL legends. 

As the men receive their gold jackets, you will have an exclusive look at the new class of enshrinees. 

3. Be in the Company of Greats

Between Saturday and Sunday of the event, guests of the Hall of Fame weekend will have several opportunities to be close to some of NFL's legends. At the Gold Jacket VIP Party on Saturday, guests get to take photo-ops with returning Hall of Famers before attending the 2015 Enshrinement Ceremony. 

On Sunday, at the round table discussion before the big game, guests will have the chance to hear former Hall of Famers banter, joke around and tell stories of some of their favorite NFL memories. The round table discussion is sure to be one of your favorite parts of the weekend, as you get to see NFL greats in a casual, relaxed environment and hear them candidly explain their experiences. 

Make Your New Year's Dreams Happen! 

With QuintEvents, you can finally have the chance to be in the company of football greats and even snap a few photos!

NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Bronze BustsWith QuintEvents and NFL On Location's Official Ticket Packages, you can fulfill some of your big, bucket-list New Year's resolutions to make your 2015 the best year yet! 

With Official Ticket Packages, all guests will receive exclusive amenities and VIP hospitality while attending the Pro-Football Hall of Fame Game. Guests will also have access to optional accommodation at fine hotels and transportation to and from the stadium and other venues. 

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