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The Perfect Corporate Incentive Trip: the 2016 Pro Bowl!

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

February 17, 2015

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It’s official! The 2016 Pro Bowl is returning to the island of Hawaii to be played in Aloha Stadium!

Now, if you and your fellow executives have been brainstorming potential incentives for your team this year, look no further! NFL On Location’s Official Ticket Packages to the 2016 Pro Bowl in Honolulu are the perfect corporate incentive to keep up your employees’ morale and focus throughout the year.

Read on for three reasons why the 2016 Pro Bowl is the perfect incentive trip for your team after the 2015 work year!

1. It's an Incentive and a Reward

Anyone in the corporate world can attest to the struggle of finding great incentives and rewards for employees. It’s hard to find a gift to truly show your appreciation for your team’s hard work during the past year.

NFL On Location Pro Bowl Hawaii Inside the Game Aloha Stadium resized 600Then, it’s even harder to find something to motivate them to work even harder during the next year. And once monetary values come in to play, you’re balancing a fine line between your employees seeing how much you’re willing to pay for a reward, showing their value to the company, and then an incentive to push them to work even harder.

Therefore, if you can find an incentive that doubles as a reward or motivator, you’re in a much better position all around. AND since it’s only one gift, I’d be willing to bet it’s easier on the company’s dime overall.

Now, if you’ve done your research, you know rewards and incentives work best when they targeted to an employee’s specific interests and when it’s something very personal.

So if your employees either a) are NFL gurus, or b) love vacations in paradise, Official Ticket Packages to the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii are the perfect foundation for a fantastic corporate incentive program!

2. It's a Team-Bonding Atmosphere

Additionally, 2016 Pro Bowl Official Ticket Packages provide a great team-bonding activity in paradise! After all, you and your employees will be experiencing the 2016 Pro Bowl as NFL VIPs!

NFL On Location Pro Bowl Hawaii Inside the Game Tailgate resized 600With Official Ticket Packages, you and your team will not only have tickets to the game, but you’ll also have access to official NFL tailgate parties where you’ll find a plethora of VIP amenities, meet-and-greets with NFL cheerleaders and mascots, interactive experiences, and much more.

Talk about an opportunity to draw your team closer and create memories together! Plus, when you spend majority of your day with your co-workers, it’s important to have a strong bond and great synergy. What better atmosphere is there to cultivate these relationships?

3. It’s Budget-Friendly

home slider NFL resized 600Last, but certainly not least, NFL On Location’s Official Ticket Packages to the 2016 Pro Bowl are affordable! With the option to include everything you’d need in Hawaii (transportation and accommodations) in your package, all your amenities are bundled together, keeping the price point as low as possible.

And QuintEvents offers easy payment terms granting your company to space out payments on your 2016 Pro Bowl incentive program over a series of months, rather than making one payment up front.

Get on the 2016 Pro Bowl Quick Call Back List!

So, what do you say, execs? Are you ready to show your team just how valuable they are to your company’s ROI and motivate them to work even harder throughout 2015? Then it’s time to get more information on creating your 2016 Pro Bowl corporate incentive program!

Official Ticket Packages have not yet been released, but by getting on QuintEvents and NFL On Location’s Quick Call Back List, you can be the first to be notified when they are. Call 1-877-611-3947 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or fill out the form on QuintEvents’ website by clicking the button below.

It’s time for you and your company to celebrate a great work year in VIP fashion… #NFLVIP fashion, that is! Plan your trip to the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii today!


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