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What to Bring (and What NOT to Bring) to the NBA Draft 2015

Jaime Villegas

By Jaime Villegas

June 19, 2015

NBA Draft 2014With the NBA Draft 2015 only a few days away we wanted to make sure you were prepared for your trip!

We all know that as we prepare ourselves to head off for a trip it is very easy to forget something, while arranging things to be taken care of while you’re out, and making sure you have everything you need for your trip, things can get hectic!

Whether you have or you haven’t already began planning what to bring to the NBA Draft 2015, this should help. We’ve compiled a list of items you definitely want to make sure you pack in your bags as you head to the coolest borough of New York City.

What to bring to the NBA Draft 2015

NBA Draft 2014 Mason Plumlee NBA Events Meet Greet (1)

Your Credentials

Please, PLEASE, DON’T FORGET to bring your ticket credentials to get access into the Barclays Center. Without this ticket you will not be allowed to attend the NBA Draft 2015. When you're packing for your trip, make sure the NBA Draft badges are the first thing that go into your bag and then they're in the first bag to go into the car. Set yourself up for success!

Camera or Phone

With Official Ticket Packages part of the experience is the exclusive Meet & Greet photo opportunities with an NBA Legend! Don’t forget to pack your camera or phone to capture those incredible memories. It’s not every day that you get to shake hands and share stories with some of the greatest NBA legends of all time. Talk about an Instagram moment.

Battery Pack or External Battery for your devices

We’ve all had that horrible moment when our phone is dying and not being near an outlet or having a charger! Avoid yourself the drama and come prepared! Your NBA Draft experience will be filled with moments you’re not going to want to miss, and having a battery pack or external battery for your cell phone will help make sure you’ll be able to keep snapping those moments.

Cash or credit cards

While you’re attending the NBA Draft there is no doubt there will be tons of memorabilia available for purchase. Make sure you bring enough money to get something for the whole family back home or for that special someone.

What NOT to bring

NBA Draft 2014Prohibited Items

While most things can be common sense take a look below at Barclays Center’s list of prohibited items, some of which I’m surprised to be on the list!

The following is a partial list of prohibited items that are not permitted inside the venue. Barclays Center Management reserves the right to prohibit other items as deemed necessary. 



  • External Flash Camera Units
  • Poles/ Signs Affixed to Poles
  • Interchangeable/Detachable Camera Lens
  • Outside Food or Beverage Audio/Video
  • Recording Devices
  • Oversized bags or backpacks
  • Laser Pointers
  • Beach Balls or Projectiles
  • Illegal Drugs/Substances
  • Noise Making Devices
  • Cans or Bottles
  • Optical Illusions
  • Pets other than Service Animals
  • Signs, flags, banners larger than 11”x17”
  • Fireworks
  • Pointed Tip Umbrellas
  • Flashlights
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Balloons
  • Coolers or Ice Chests
  • Unapproved Pamphlets, Handouts, Ads
  • Glass/Metal/Plastic Containers
  • Patrons without shoes or shirts
  • Masks
  • Flowers unless allowed by Tour Production
  • Signs, posters or garments with explicit language, profanity, or derogatory characterization directed toward any person
  • Selfie Sticks


NBA Draft 2014Last chance to get to the NBA Draft 2015

You still have some time to join the elite group of fans that get to welcome the newest class into the NBA! Be part of history and watch the whole thing go down yourself!

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