The Masters Golf Tournament

Can Jordan Spieth Win Golf’s Grand Slam?

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

July 6, 2015

2014 Masters 036 resized 600Jordan Spieth has already captured the first two majors of the 2015 season and will be looking to capture two more to complete Golf’s Grand Slam. This fearless 21-year-old seems to be capable of anything, but can he really become the first man in history to win the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship in the same year? We’d all like to think so.

Realistically, the odds are against him. It’s not that Jordan Spieth doesn’t have the talent, but winning the Grand Slam is obviously a golfer’s most difficult accomplishment. Winning the Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year has only been done seven times. Tiger Woods won four majors back to back, but they weren’t in the same calendar year, so it wasn’t considered to be a Grand Slam. Ben Hogan was the only golfer to ever win the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in the same year. Bobby Jones won the Grand Slam back in 1930 capturing the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Open, The Open, and The Amateur, but today’s Grand Slam has proven to be a much greater challenge.

There’s no doubt Spieth will face challenges along the way with Rory McIlroy being the biggest one. The betting markets consider McIlroy the favorite to win the season’s final two majors. We can’t deny McIlroy’s talent, as he is still the number one golfer in the world. However, I don’t think we should sell Spieth short.

The experts have Spieth at a 1 percent chance to complete the Grand Slam. Historians, mathematicians, and the like think he won’t win. But I’m not convinced. Yes, there are so many good players, too many variables that could affect play and a great deal of pressure surrounding Spieth. Yes, it’s true that
St. Andrews is perfect for McIlroy. Spieth isn’t supposed to win. But his physical and mental abilities along with his tremendous success prove that we shouldn’t put it past him.

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Spieth has proven that he can win when he’s playing his best and when he’s playing much less. He walked around the Masters like he owned the place and made each shot look easy. At the U.S. Open, it was a different story. He certainly played well enough to win, but it wasn’t his best game. However, everything seemed to go his way even down to the last second. He plays well and waits for others to make mistakes, and it works out for him in the end. His talent and precision helped him win at Augusta, but it was his blood and guts that helped him win at Chambers Bay.

The thing I (and most people) love about Spieth is that he makes big shots and big putts when he has to. Sure, he makes mistakes, but he takes advantage of the chances he has and brings the heat. Now, Spieth is no Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, at least not yet. He doesn’t intimidate or dominate with power, but there’s no denying that he’s really good at getting the ball in the hole. He might not be the best driver or the best putter, but he’s an incredible thinker and enough of shot maker to go all the way. Did anyone think this 21-year-old would finish 18-under at the Masters? No, not really. But he did because he is that good.

Spieth is clearly a fan-favorite and for good reason. He’s an all-around incredible golfer on and off the course. His talent is a breath of a fresh air, and his character is something to be applauded. He’s proven that he can compete with the some of the best. It appears that nothing is outside the realm of possibility for Spieth, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the Grand Slam. A lot of people keep saying, “Oh there’s no way,” and they might be right.  But they also might be wrong and for that, I’m holding on to the hope that Jordan Spieth can take this all the way. Are you?

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