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2014 MotoGP™ Season Wraps Up at Valencia

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

November 10, 2014

The 2014 MotoGP™ season ended at Valencia on Sunday with the World Champion, Marc Marquez, setting a new record of 13 wins in one calendar season!

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-WinnerThe Honda Repsol rider, Marquez, won at Valencia with a time of 46: 39.627 seconds, surpassing Mick Doohan’s 12 wins in a year record and setting a high bar for riders to come.

Alongside the record of wins in a season, Marquez managed to break his teammate Dani Pedrosa’s lap record time set last year at Eastern Cheste Circuit with a time of 31.55 seconds.

Pedrosa started the race uncharacteristically slow, but he managed to gain some speed back. He was able to break through the Ducati team of Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso, but the rain seemed to stop him, though, from continuing to make moves to surpass Rossi.

For the first time in four years, Rossi qualified for a pole position on Saturday, giving him a major leg up on Sunday’s race. Rossi planned to use the light rain to an advantage, attempting to push hard for Marquez during the drizzle. His push towards the slippery end was to no avail, however.

Unfortunately, the achievement of pole position was not enough for him to beat Marquez. He did, however, manage to secure his place as the runner-up for the 2014 MotoGP™ season. Pedrosa ended up settling for third.


Although most MotoGP™ fans had predicted a tight race for second between Rossi and fellow Yamaha teammate, Jorge Lorenzo, Lorenzo fell far back and eventually retired from the race in Lap 18.

His mistake was made when it began to rain on Lap 18. Nervous about the rain’s effects on the track, he decided to do a tyre a change. The change did not pay off, as the rain never really picked up. The decision lost him the race and his chance for overall runner-up for the MotoGP™ season.

Despite his unfortunate finish at Valencia, Lorenzo still managed to place third overall, in the championship.

Marquez’ younger brother, Aleix Marquez, won the Moto3 race earlier in the day.

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-MotoGP(IV)Marc Marquez later spoke about his brother’s win and how it was a motivator for him during the Moto race, stating “during the race, at times, I was thinking of my brother and that I had to do well.”

Considering Marquez has now surpassed the standard record of the sport, it will be interesting to see where he goes next. Considering no other MotoGP™ rider has achieved what the two-time world champion has, there is no telling what he could accomplish!

It’s been quite a season for MotoGP™ fans, watching records break under the weight of the sport’s unmatched victor, Marquez.

It will be interesting to see what happens in 2015!

The MotoGP™ final top five are as follows:


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