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4 of the Most Amazing Moments in Pebble Beach Golf Links® History

Vinay Patel

By Vinay Patel

December 11, 2015

Pebble-Beach-Golf-Links-20-1.jpgPebble Beach Golf Links has hosted amateurs, celebrities, and professional golfers – sometimes all at once. The breathtaking views and meticulously pristine grounds put Pebble Beach Golf Links at the top of every golfer’s bucket list.

It is here at the edge of the world (well, the continental U.S. at least) that some of the greatest moments in golf history have taken place.  We weren’t able to catalog them all, but here are a few of our favorites.

Jack Nicklaus’ Miracle One Iron | 1972 U.S. Open

With a 3-stroke lead and playing against heavy wind, most players in Nicklaus’ situation would have chosen to play the infamous 17th hole conservatively. Jack didn’t believe in conservative. With confidence, Jack grabbed his one-iron and swung head on into the 40 mph winds. The ball floated across the fairway, dinged the flagstick and stopped inches short of the hole. Nicklaus went on to win the tournament as he knew he would.

Tom Watson’s Chip-In | 1982 U.S. Open

10 years later, the 17th hole chose to favor another. Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus were in a dead heat in the final round of the U.S. Open. Nicklaus sighed with relief when Watson’s tee shot took a hard left into the rough, but Watson didn’t seem phased. When Watson’s caddie told him to “get it close,” Tom cheerfully responded with “I’m not going to get it close, I’m going to make it.” And make it he did; Watson took the lead and went on to win the tournament.

Tiger Woods’ Hole-Out | 2000 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Under heavy fog and damp greens, Woods’ win streak at this tournament looked to come to an end after winning the previous five tour events. With a seven-stroke deficit and seven holes to play, things looked bleak for the star golfer.

But Tiger rallied; at hole 15 he switched to his pitching wedge and cracked a 97-yard shot that hit the green and rolled almost mystically back four feet for an eagle. Woods went on to win the tournament and became the first to win six consecutive PGA Tour events since Ben Hogan in 1948.


D.A. Points’ Unexpected Eagle | 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

In 2011, D.A. Points got to live his dream of playing with living legend Bill Murray. He also got to fulfill a couple of other dreams as well.

Both Points and Murray were playing well into the final round but still trailing. Approaching the notorious 14th hole, Points wondered how he would hit the hidden green from behind the bunker. As soon as his club connected, Points was disappointed, but then the ball took a fortunate bounce out of the rough and rolled gently into the hole for an eagle. Points won the individual title as well as the team title with partner Bill Murray.

BONUS: Bill Murray Being Bill Murray

The comedic genius is a delight every time he steps onto Pebble Beach Golf Links. Murray brings an air of lightheartedness to what can often be a stoic and tense atmosphere. His humor is appreciated by players and fans alike, and his antics are always unexpected. Not to mention he has a genuine love for the game, and he’s not half-bad either.

If nothing else, you have to appreciate his fashion sense.

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