5 Reasons VIP Village is the ULTIMATE MotoGP Experience

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

January 12, 2015

MotoGP VIP Village™ is an exclusive, A-list experience for MotoGP™ fans unlike any other. With multiple inclusions, VIP access and unparalleled hospitality, your trip to see a grand prix will be the ultimate MotoGP™ getaway. 

You can turn your attendance to a MotoGP™ into an all-inclusive weekend, complete with meals, accommodations, MotoGP™ celebrity meetings and more! If you want to experience a MotoGP™ grand prix as a VIP, the VIP Village is the place for you.

Here are five reasons why VIP Village is the ultimate MotoGP™ experience:

1. Life as a VIP


With MotoGP™ VIP Village, you will receive exclusive access to the MotoGP™ lounge and premium seating while watching the grand prix.

You will have the choice of being guided and helped whenever needed with the on-site VIP hospitality team.
The high-end VIP venues provided at the circuits are perfect for a comfortable, relaxing escape from any crowds or heat at the grand prixs. 

2. See MotoGP Like Never Before

The VIP Village creates a unique, VIP experience which allows fans to take a closer look at the fast-paced, international sport. Despite the sport’s popularity, there are many elements of MotoGP™ which are a mystery for outsiders.  

As a guest at MotoGP™ VIP Village, you will have the chance to be on the inside of the ongoings at a grand prix. You will get to meet riders through rider meet-and-greets, receive photo-ops with MotoGP™ stars and hang out with the beautiful grid girls in the hospitality suites.

On top of that, you will also have the option of getting Paddock Tours and going on Pit Lane Walks of the starting grids and areas where everything is prepared to make the magic happen on the circuit!

pouring_wine-13. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The VIP Village treats you to good grub in between the many events of the MotoGP™ race weekend.  As a VIP at MotoGP™ VIP Village, you will receive delicious, gourmet eats for several weekend meals, and even a full buffet breakfast the Saturday of the race weekend.  

The VIP hospitality venue will be well-stocked with complimentary, delicious sustenance, as well as a premium, open bar to enjoy during any downtime or as your own personal, after party.

4. Meet Cool People 

MotoGP™ grand prixs bring out a variety of people from all over the world. You can spend time in between the qualifying races and grand prix festivities conversing with other business professionals, travelers and MotoGP™ fans from a number of locations across the globe.

San_Marino1-2Considering the caliber of the races and the stylish, luxurious environment of MotoGP™ VIP Village, you will have the opportunity to network with interesting individuals of different languages and cultures. The universal popularity of MotoGP™ creates a diverse fan base which makes grand prixs, as well as the festivities, all the more fun and electrifying.

5. Easy Accommodations 

With Moto Experiences and Moto VIP Village™, you will have the option of accommodations at fine hotels near to each circuit, as well as reliable transportation from the hotels to the circuits.

Not only will your experience at whichever MotoGP™ event you choose be fun and exciting, but it will be stress-free without any of the hassle of picking, reserving and traveling to a hotel in the area.

As exotic and luxurious as many of the locations of the grand prixs on the 20-race MotoGP™ circuit are, it can be difficult to find hotels you feel comfortable in.

You can let Moto Experiences play the middle man and get you situated in a safe, enjoyable hotel in          
close proximity to the circuit.

Be a VIP in 2015!

MotoGP™ VIP Village is the ultimate way to experience MotoGP™ riders, races and fans.

Official Ticket Packages for the 2015 MotoGP™ season have yet to be released, but you can be the first to know when they are by placing your name on the Official Wait List! 


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