5 Things You May Not Know About The Masters®

    By Jazzy Morgan

    The Masters® is one of golfs most prestigious and exclusive events. Because of this, there are many things first-timers, fans and even members may not know about this major championship.

    The Green Jacket Comes at a Price

    • Many professional golfers work their entire careers with the goal of winning a Green Jacket, so you’d think that this “prize” would just be given to the rightful winner of the tournament. Wrong! These legendary Green Jackets are believed to be around $250 along with an initiation fee.

    The Secret to Getting the Best Seat on the 18th Green

    • The grounds to Augusta National® open at 7 a.m. and it is suggested to get there an hour and a half earlier. Once through the main gate, head up the big hill to the first tee and cross over the fairway on your right. Turn left once you see the ninth hole and you will be able to see the 18th green from there. Pick your spot, and witness history in the making.

    Invitation Only Memberships

    • Augusta National Golf Club® memberships work the same way as The Masters Golf Tournament® entries, you must be invited to join. When the club first opened, the initiation fee was $350 with annual dues of $60. Now, the initiation fee is five figures and the annual fee is a few thousand.

    The TV Blackout

    • The Masters Golf Tournament® is the most viewed golf tournament in the world but this was not always how it was. When it was first televised in 1956, all CBS stations within a 200-mile radius were blocked from showing the tournament, but in 1969 the blackout was lifted.

    Fun Facts About the Course

    • There are three bridges throughout Augusta National® that have special dedications. On the 15th hole, the Sarazen Bridge was named in honor of Gene Sarazen’s double eagle on the hole during the 1935 Masters. The Hogan Bridge on the 12th green was to honor Ben Hogan’s record at the time of 274 in 1953. Finally, the Nelson Bridge on the 13th tee was named in honor of Byron Nelson’s performance on the 12th and 13th hole when he won The Masters® in 1937.
    • When someone at Augusta National® refers to “Amen Corner” they are referring to holes 11, 12 and 13. Herbert Warren Wind, a Sports Illustrated writer, named the second half of the 11th hole, the 12th hole and the first half of the 13th hole. Wind took this name from an old jazz recording called Shouting at Amen Corner.

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