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Battle of the Bloggers: 2013 NBA Mock Drafts

Matt Cullen

By Matt Cullen

June 27, 2013

The 2013 NBA Draft is finally here!

Tonight's Draft will showcase the best college, international, and semi-pro players from around the world, all vying for a chance to star in the NBA.

So, we thought we would throw our two cents in and do a mock draft. Well I guess it's our six cents!

All three of the QuintEvents bloggers, Jaclyn Harris, Niala Samnarine, and myself, decided to do a little friendly wager on who could pick the most picks correctly in tonight's NBA Draft. The loser will have to face their shame, write a NBA Draft Recap blog tomorrow (6/28), and admit their ineptitude in scouting NBA talent.

We say this is a "friendly" wager, but the office has been a little chippy as we've scoured the Internet for expert opinions, draft boards, and collegiate stats. No one wants to lose this wager, so our mocks are some of the best you'll find. At least we think so!

Below are each of the blogger's first round picks for tonight's NBA Draft. Make sure you follow us tomorrow for our 2013 NBA Draft Recap and the results of our friendly wager. Man I hope I don't lose!

QuintEvents' Bloggers NBA Mock Drafts

QuintEvents NBA Mock Draft 2013 resized 600

Who do you think will win our friendly wager?


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