5 Reasons the Super Bowl Should Be Your Employee Incentive Trip

    By Brian Learst, C.E.O.


    What would you say the number one sporting event in the United States is? Everyone is bound to have a different answer based on personal preference. There are so many important and fun events each year. How do you rank them? The answer is you don’t. Each serves a vital role in their respective sports and American culture. Here’s a list of some of the most iconic sporting events:

    • The Masters®SBLI_20170205_195122_AG_web-1.jpg
    • The Kentucky Derby®
    • Daytona 500
    • NBA All-Star Game 
    • Formula One®
    • World Series
    • NHL or NBA Finals

    You may notice I skipped the Super Bowl – there’s a good reason for that. I think the number one sporting event in the US is the Super Bowl. This is an all-American sport with one of the most respected games in all of sports. This event is the perfect incentive trip for your employees. I know you must think this is crazy but here are five reasons it’s one of the most unforgettable and easy incentive programs to take advantage of.

    1. Time to Plan

    The Super Bowl host city is selected by the NFL several years ahead of the game. We already know the next five Super Bowls locations. Other major sports leagues have home/away finals with the two teams splitting host duties. With advanced notice on location, corporations and event companies have time to budget and plan for the incentive reward trip. Most corporations budget one year in advance and select the event, hotel accommodations, and travel arrangements. They also need plenty of time to market the incentive trip to get a positive return on their investment.

    2. One Game – Winner Take All Championship

    We all want to see the Champion crowned! The Super Bowl is the only one-game winner-take-all game among the four major US leagues. The World Series, NHL Finals, and NBA Finals are all 7-game series. If you plan to go to one of these games, you may or may not see the Champion crowned. The Super Bowl guarantees that you will see a trophy ceremony

    3. The Super Bowl Location Moves Annually

    The Super Bowl is never in the same NFL city two years in a row. This gives corporations the opportunity to go to a Super Bowl over time in different regions. It also ensures the event does not get old or boring. If we just take the last Super Bowl and the next three Super Bowls, the game has moved from Houston to Minneapolis and then Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa. It has been quite some time since the Super Bowl has been in the south and will be a welcomed opportunity for many companies in that area. New stadiums tend to get Super Bowls which means each of these experiences will be amazing and brand new.

    4. The Incredible Popularity of the NFL

    The football is the most popular sport in America. The NFL has created a tradition families have embraced and passed down resulting in favorite teams, favorite players, jersey sales and weekly rituals. The sport is so popular, millions of fans are in fantasy leagues. The passion for this sport runs deep in this country. This popularity makes the possibility of seeing see your team win the Super Bowl incredibly motivating to attend but, the Super Bowl is so much more. The Super Bowl is a bucket list event for football fans worldwide. 

    5. The On Location Experiences Makes it EASY

    On Location Experiences provides an enhanced experience at the Super Bowl that cannot be matched by any other group. No one can do the Super Bowl like the NFL. The packages are designed with everything a corporate incentive planner could want.


    Packages include the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:

    1. On-Field Access - After the game, your best customers and employees get to go on the Super Bowl field. Imagine the confetti flying and media running around searching for players. Now, imagine being on the field for this. It’s an unparalleled experience.
    2. Game Day Parties-  You mean don’t have to plan a party in a boring ballroom or smoky sports bar. These parties are complete with live entertainment, NFL Alumni and celebrity appearances, open bar and great food. Not only are pre-game parties offered, in-game and post-game parties are options.
    3. Large Blocks of Hotel Rooms and Meeting Space - We secure rooms at the best hotels as soon as they announce the Super Bowl city. These rooms are provided in On Location Experiences packages along with meeting space as needed to have your incentive rewards dinner or other functions. This allows the corporate planner to purchase early and leverage the incentive for the maximum ROI.
    4. Security of Buying Direct from the NFL - This may be the biggest benefit of all! Because of our official partnership, you are guaranteed tickets directly from the NFL. There’s no secondary market driving up the price or the possibility of being scammed.

    There you have it five reasons that the Super Bowl is the best event for a corporate incentive trip. On Location Experiences and QuintEvents have made the process of attending the Super Bowl with your employees both safe and easy.


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