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What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Augusta National

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 14, 2013

     What do you do when you want to search something? You open your internet browser and go to your search engine of choice, probably Google, Bing or Yahoo. You then type in your question or topic, and before you know it, a list of information is available at your finger tips. With so much information before you, you typically only open the first couple selections on the page, one of which always seems to be Wikipedia.

     Well, in this case, you want to go or are going to The Masters® and you figured you would gather more information on its home course, Augusta National. Although Augusta National is located in Georgia, it is no Southern secret; it is one of the most famous golf courses worldwide!

     What I’m about to share with you is the information that you are not going to be able to find from that Wikipedia site. So brace yourself as I walk you back in time to take a look at the founders, the course, the infamous green jackets, and the tournament that made it famous.

The Foundation

     Augusta National was co-founded by Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones and Clifford Robertson, on what used to be an indigo plantation . Bobby Jones, a legendary amateur champion, worked with architect Dr. Alister Mackenzie to design the course.

     As Jones and Roberts began to craft The Masters® tournament their partnership flourished. While Jones’ reputation drew in popular golf stars, Roberts refined the details of the tournament to ensure the best golfing and fan experience. The first tournament was held in 1934.

The Course

     As previously mentioned, this Southern gem is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. From its rolling green fairways, white sand pits, glass-like lakes, architectural features, and breathtaking foliage, Augusta National is a beautiful course despite the daunting task it presents to golfers.

     Each of the 18 holes of Augusta National are as unique has their floral names, and so are the challenges they present. Some of the fairways are narrow, some have several bunkers, others have slopes, and the wind becomes treacherous in others. There is no simple hole and that is just as the course designers wanted it.

      The course is crafted so that only the most strategic and skilled golfer can walk away victorious.

The Jackets

    The green jacket has become an icon of Augusta National and The Masters®. Designed by co-founder, Clifford Roberts, the jackets were originally created as a way to identify the members of Augusta National, as the club is very prestigious.

     In 1949, when Sam Snead won The Masters®, the club began extending the iconic jackets to the tournament’s champions. However, the victors do not automatically receive membership to Augusta National, as membership is invitation only.

     Just like many great awards, there are rules that come with the green jackets. Only the current Masters champion is permitted to take his jacket off the grounds and he can only keep it for one year. Then the victor will return to present a jacket to the new champion. This process is to ensure the jackets are never sold.

The Masters®

     Tons of avid golfers and golf fans alike travel to Augusta, Georgia every year to watch the greats perform on this course. For four days Augusta National is packed out with fans taking in the beauty of the course while watching their favorite golfer test his skills against his competitors.

     With the competition and the purse high, the tournament has high stakes for fans and golfers, but it’s all worth it in the end when the trophies and green jacket are presented.

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