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Top 5 Epic Super Bowls

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

September 27, 2013

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for food consumption in the U.S. (after Thanksgiving of course) and that the Super Bowl itself is frequently the most watched broadcast of the year for US television? 

For most people, record breaking food consumption and viewership is enough to make the Super Bowl an epic sporting event. But the game itself has seen its fair share of unbelievable stuff! That said, today we’re bringing you a roundup of epic Super Bowls!

The Guarantee (Super Bowl III: 1969)

Super Bowl lll

Jets v. Baltimore Colts

Super Bowl III was a game of many firsts, the first AFL Super Bowl victory, the first to officially be called the “Super Bowl” and the first Super Bowl to feature celebrities during the ceremonies!

More importantly it was regarded as one of the greatest upsets in NFL and sports history in general. Prior to this game many believed that the AFL teams weren’t quite as good as the NFL teams (pre merger titles of course!) Joe Namath guaranteed, underdog New York Jets, victory against a dominant Baltimore Colts team (13-1 in the regular season and scoring 34-0 in their NFL Championship game.) 

Of course in the end the Jets won Super Bowl III and Joe Namath won MVP, living up to his guarantee. 

The Perfect Season (Super Bowl VII : 1973)

Dolphins v Redskins

Super Bowl VII was the culmination of the first and only perfect undefeated season in NFL history. This game was the first Super Bowl win for the Miami Dolphins. It was also almost a perfect game for Miami who held the Washington Redskins scoreless until 2:07 in the 4th quarter. If not for a 49 yard Redskins touchdown off of a blocked kick this Super Bowl would’ve been the first and only shutout in NFL history. 

The Rematch/ 70 Chip (Super Bowl XVII: 1983)

Redskins v Dolphins 

The 1983 Super Bowl was a rematch of Super Bowl VII (the second Super Bowl rematch between teams). This game was epic because of the 70 Chip play that was called, which led to one of the greatest moments in sports history. 

The play: John Riggo busts through the arms of Don McNeal and runs into sports history, giving the Redskins their first Super Bowl championship. 

Check it out: John Riggo Super Bowl Run (Even the music is epic) 

Wide Right/Closest Super Bowl EVER (Super Bowl XXV: 1991)

Bills v. Giants

This game was epic (and still is) for Buffalo Bills fans as it was the start of their four consecutive Super Bowl losses. This game was also the closest Super Bowl with a score of 20-19. “Wide Right” described the Bills missed 47-yard field goal attempt to close out Super Bowl XXV. 

The Helmet Catch (Super Bowl XLII: 2008)

Giants v Patriots

Called “the greatest play the Super Bowl has ever produced” by Steve Sabol and named “The Play of the Decade (2000s)” by NFL Films, The Helmet Catch helped lift the Giants over the undefeated New England Patriots. 

The play has quarterback Eli Manning scrambling out of the pocket under pressure and throwing a long ball to wideout David Tyree (caught the Giant’s first td in the 4th quarter), who’s unconventional catch helped the Giants out of a 3rd and 5 situation and onto becoming Super Bowl champions.

Record Breaking Super Bowls:


1980 : Rose Bowl (103,985)

2011: Cowboys Stadium (103,219) 


Super Bowl XLVI The most expensive ad for $5.84 million.

Super Bowl XLVII and XLVIII Averaged $4 million for a 30 second commercial spot

Witness History!

Super Bowl XLVIIIIt may seem like every record has been made and broken, but Super Bowl XLVIII looks to set some precedents of its own. The first cold-weather, outdoor championship game and the first played in the New York Metro area! The Super Bowl has also never seen a shutout, an all-wild card matchup, two teams from the same metro area or even a team in its own home stadium. Just last year, at Super Bowl XLVII we saw Jacoby Jones set a record for the longest kickoff return at 108 yards and a touchdown.

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