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The Breeders’ Cup Experience [PART 2: Turf Terrace II]

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

October 10, 2013

Let me paint you a picture: It’s November 1, and you’ve finally arrived at Santa Anita Park after months of anticipation for the 2013 Breeders' Cup. Traffic is wild as people are funneling into the parking lots, while your ride drops you off at the gates. Then as the floods of people are filing into a line to enter the park, you take out your VIP Fast Pass and skip the crowd through the VIP entrance.

Once inside Santa Anita, you head to your exclusive hospitality area before making your way toward your great seats in the stands. Inside the hospitality area, you relax with your family and friends, preparing for the 14 Championship races of the weekend.

After eating delicious food, drinking refreshing beverages and watching the pre-race festivities on the big screen, your group heads towards the prime location of your seats. As you take in the spectacular view of Santa Anita and watch the horses load into the gate, you catch your breath as you know you’re about to see 14 World Champions announced in the next two days starting now!

Does that VIP Breeders’ Cup experience sound like something you’re interested in? Well, you can make it a reality with 2013 Official Breeders’ Cup Ticket Packages!

If you caught Part 1 of this blog, you already know all about the Turf Club and the inclusions that come in that ticket package. Now you’re going to learn about VIP option number two: Turf Terrace II.

Turf Terrace II

The Turf Terrace is located east of the finish line, giving this space an unbelievable view of the track. This is where fine dining meets horse racing. And just like the Turf Club and other Breeders’ Cup Official Ticket Packages, you will have exclusive access and VIP inclusions.

Breeders Cup Turf Terrace Seating

Exclusive Access

As mentioned above, the Turf Terrace is where fine dining meets horse racing. You will get to enjoy complimentary gourmet food and soft beverages, such as coffee, tea, water and soda, with cocktail service at your private table in Turf Terrace. There is also a cash bar.

Inside, there is TV coverage of race activities, so you don’t miss a second of the action while inside the covered hospitality venue. Turf Terrace also has access to wagering stations and access to the Turf Club and Chandelier Room for cash bar purchases.

The Breeders’ Cup can get hectic with the amount of races each day, and Turf Terrace is your escape from the crowds while still getting the full experience.

VIP Inclusions

The best part about Official Breeders’ Cup Ticket Packages is that everything is bundled together into one price. That way, you are paying a flat rate up front without having to worry about it at Santa Anita. And the Turf Terrace has some unbelievable VIP inclusions!

For starters, your ticket package includes tickets to the Friday and Saturday races. You will also receive an Official Breeders’ Cup Gift Bag with some great souvenirs.

Have you heard about how crazy the crowds get for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Santa Anita? Well, the Turf Terrace ticket package supplies you with a VIP Fast Access Pass so you can handle the crowds the same way the many Hollywood celebrities in attendance will – skip them!

Are you planning on driving yourself to Santa Anita? The Turf Terrace package includes a parking pass for up to four guests! No parking woes for you!

You can also opt in for hotel accommodations in your package. Hotels in the Los Angeles area book up far in advance to the Breeders’ Cup, and this eliminates your needing to find one. Plus, if you decide to include lodging in your ticket package, you will receive transportation to and from Santa Anita on race days. That way, you don’t have to fight the traffic or worry about parking.

The 2013 Breeders’ Cup is sure to be a memorable weekend! Make you sure that when you check this race off your bucket list, you check it off with the VIP experience! Get more information on Breeders’ Cup Official Ticket Packages and the Turf Terrace today!


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