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Why Seating in the P1 and P2 Risers at UFC 168 Will Change Your Life

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

October 21, 2013

ufc-168-ticket-packages-quinteventsSo you want to go to UFC 168 – awesome idea! Your next step? Deciding what tickets you want to buy and what section you want to sit in. It’s understandable that you would have that dilemma considering the size of the areas that these fights are held in. But let’s look at this practically.

You want to be close to the Octagon. What’s the point in attending if you’re going to be watching the fights on the big screen the whole time?

You want VIP inclusions. After all, why would you attend one of the world’s fastest growing sports to not get the full experience?

That’s what brought you here. You’re seeking the ultimate UFC 168 experience and you’re looking for the best way to make that happen. Well, look no further because you’re about to find out why Official UFC 168 P1 and P2 Riser Ticket Packages will change your life!

A Great View

P1: Riser

At UFC 168, the risers are the place to sit! In the P1: Riser, you’ll be sitting directly above the Owner’s Section. This means that you will be slightly off the floor, giving you an elevated view of the full Octagon. You’ll also be able to see in the VIP and celebrity sections from this vantage point. From the P1: Riser, you’ll also have a clear view of the fighter walk-out as they enter the arena.

P2: Riser

From the P2: Riser seats, you get a full view of the entire Octagon and the arena floor. This gives you a unique view of the fight and also a prime view of the fighter walk-out. If you want to be able to get unobstructed videos and pictures of your favorite fighters, this is the place you need to be!

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VIP Access

This is what sets Official UFC 168 Ticket Packages apart from a regular ticket: VIP access! With a P1 or P2 Riser ticket package, you’ll get exclusive access to a VIP hospitality venue where you can enjoy complimentary beer and wine with a cash bar available for premium beverages. There is even a complimentary gourmet food buffet with hors d’oeuvres, dinner stations and evening desserts.

Inside the hospitality venue, there will also be a celebrity fighter appearance so you can get autographs and pictures. This venue is also a great place for your group to relax away from the craziness of the sold-out arenas or simply meet up if you all get disconnected.

You will even gain access to the rehearsal and sound check on Saturday!

With this Official UFC Ticket Package, you will also receive an event program and an Official UFC VIP Experience Gift Bag.

Optional Inclusions

With Official UFC 168 Ticket Packages, you can opt in for luxurious hotel accommodations at the MGM Grand Hotel. Las Vegas is very busy toward the end of December and this eliminates the hassle of you and your group having to find accommodations – you can simply bundle it into you ticket package!

Plan Your UFC VIP Experience!

The Official UFC 168 P1 or P2 Riser Ticket Package is unlike any other UFC experience you can have! If you want a great view of the Octagon, exclusive access to behind-the-scenes events, VIP hospitality and more then this is the experience for you!

Let QuintEvents and Official UFC 168 Ticket Packages change your life as you experience UFC like a VIP!


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