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Secret’s Out! Meet Dominique Wilkins at 2014 NBA All-Star

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

December 5, 2013

The NBA All-Star Game is notorious for drawing in big names in the celebrity realm. Legendary athletes, Hollywood stars, music and fashion icons alike can all be spotted during All-Star weekend. For most, meeting them is extremely unlikely… unless you have exclusive access through NBA-Events!

We’ve already told you that NBA Legend, Darryl Dawkins, is making an appearance at All-Star – but who’s next? None other than “The Human Highlight Film,” Dominique Wilkins!

Fast Facts About Dominique Wilkins

• Nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film”
• Played with the Atlanta Hawks for 11 seasons
• Also played for the Clippers, Celtics, Spurs and Magic 
• Won the NBA scoring title in 1986, with an average of 30.3 points per game
• Set the NBA record for free throws with 23 in one game
• Scored 26,668 points in his career
• Averaged at least 25 points per game in 10 consecutive seasons – one of only 6 players in the NBA to achieve this
• Played on nine consecutive NBA All-Star teams
• Won the Slam-Dunk Contest twice

NBA Career

Dominique Wilkins made a name for himself upon entering the NBA. During his junior year at the University of Georgia, he was drafted to the Utah Jazz in the third round. After refusing to sign with the Jazz, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks where he remained for 11 seasons.

Wilkins continued to develop as a player with the Hawks, where he set many of the NBA records mentioned above. Nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film,” he was known for an abundance of awe-inspiring, spectacular plays, including some unforgettable dunks!

All-Star Appearances

Just like his conference play, Wilkins’ performances in his nine NBA All-Star games didn’t disappoint. One of his most memorable performances was in the 1988 All-Star game, where he scored 29 points in 30 minutes!

Wilkins' was also a sight to watch in the Slam Dunk Contest. He participated in five contests, winning two. His most epic victory was in 1985, against Michael Jordan where he won, 147-136. Wilkins and Jordan had a rematch at the Chicago All-Star Weekend in 1988, but Jordan just barely prevailed this time, winning 147 to 145.

Wilkins final appearance and second victory in the Slam Dunk Contest was in 1990, when he faced several promising new players such as Scottie Pippen, Shawn Kemp and Kenny Smith. He beat Kenny Smith in the finals, 146 to 145.

Meet Dominique Wilkins at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game

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Meet Dominique Wilkins at All-Star

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