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Super Bowl 2014 Ads: A Measly $4 Million a Pop

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

January 8, 2014

Picture this: You’re in charge of media buying for your company and you’ve got $4 million in your marketing budget (I know, just really try to imagine it). The most viewed event of the year is coming up. What would you do?

Now I know you’re tempted to say it’s insane to invest that much into a :30 second ad spot (in case we didn’t mention, $4M gets you 30 seconds), but before you make any rash decisions, take a look at why advertisers are willing to fork over the cash for these precious 2014 Super Bowl slots.

The Super Bowl is Watched by How Many People

Ask any football fan, the 2014 Super Bowl is basically the most important programming on television this year. However, they’re not the only ones.

watch super bowl

According to Neilson the top 3 most viewed programs in television history were:

1. The 2012 Super Bowl: 111.3 M viewers
2. The 2011 Super Bowl: 111 M viewers
3. The 2013 Super Bowl: 108.4 M viewers

Impressive stats. When else will advertisers ever get the opportunity to get such a large chunk of the population to sit together and watch any television event? According to a study by San Francisco ad agency Venables Bell & Partners 70% of viewers will focus on the ads before the game, and 78% look forward to commercials more than the game itself!

With the added benefit of knowing a good amount about the viewer demographic breakdown, this is really any advertisers dream; AND the reason why networks are able to charge $4M without batting an eye.

What’s Different This Year

Lots! There will be Super Bowl staples: Doritos, GoDaddy, Pepsi, among others, and some relative newcomers including: SodaStream, Chobani, Dannon’s Oikos and more.

BUT, what will be different than what viewers have seen every other year?

1. New Faces

The 2014 Super Bowl ads will feature many first time celebrities in commercials. Kia has confirmed that Laurence Fishburne will appear in their 60-second spot, and Wonderful Pistachios has confirmed Stephen Colbert.

2. Healthier Foods

We’re used to the beer and junk food commercials, but 2014 will see some better-for-you food ads including the Wonderful Pistachios and Dannon and Chobani yogurt brands.

3. First Timers

Jaguar will put out it’s first-ever ad along with Intuit, and Nestle will be promoting a new Butterfinger product during the 2014 Super Bowl.

Our Favorites

For some, half of the fun of the Super Bowl is watching the commercials. At $4M a pop advertisers really put their best foot forward, and the day-after blues of knowing football season is over is alleviated just a bit by going through the lists of “Best Super Bowl Commercials.”
To get you excited for the 2014 Super Bowl, here are our top 3 favorite commercials of all time:

1. Volkswagon: The Force

2. Budweiser: Wassup

3. Etrade: First Class Plane Babies

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial of all-time? Share in the comments below!

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