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Top 5 Reasons to Attend UFC 169

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

January 14, 2014

If you’re still debating whether you want to plop down on your couch and order UFC 169 or head out to the Prudential Center in New Jersey to see the action live, allow us to help make that decision process just a bit easier!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Attend UFC 169:

1. Witness the longest current win-streak in the UFC continue or..

Be broken! Renan Barao’s current run as bantamweight champion is one of the most impressive in UFC history. He’s dominated his weight class and managed an over eight year period of remaining unbeaten in the Octagon.

UFC 169

At UFC 169, he faces Urijah Faber who he defeated by unanimous decision at UFC 149. Either way, fans that attend will get to see the longest current win-streak in UFC kept alive or be broken by Faber—who would also be awarded his first championship, should he emerge the winner. (AKA a history making night!)

2. See not five, but 12 fights

If you choose to watch the fight from home that means you don’t get to see all the amazing preliminary matchups. It’s an excellent opportunity to see who is coming up the UFC ranks, what their stage presence is like, their fight style, how they handle the pressure of a big event, etc.

3. You get bragging rights for life

If UFC 168 was any indication of the excitement and exhilaration that comes from a UFC event, you definitely don’t want to miss being in Newark on February 1st!

In addition to being in the arena with some of the biggest stars of the UFC, you get to remind your friends after every single UFC-reference about your amazing experience at UFC 169 (and that’s half of the fun isn’t it?)

Forrest Griffin

4. Behind-the-scenes access

The UFC has partnered with QuintEvents to give their fans the ULTIMATE experience. UFC VIP Experience gets fans to the action in VIP style: with the best seating and access to loads of extras.

Fans that elect to attend UFC 169 with UFC VIP Experience can choose to get exclusive access to the fighter Q&A, weigh-ins, rehearsal, sound check, tours of the venue and a tour of the Octagon! (On top of seeing 12 fights live and in the flesh!) Pretty sure you can’t get that kind of access on your couch.

5. Meet and greets

It’s one thing to watch the fighters at home, or even from your seats in the arena, but what about getting the opportunity to MEET some of them? That is what awaits you at UFC 169!

With the UFC 169 VIP Experience packages, fans can get into an exclusive VIP hospitality party venue. This lounge is only available to those who purchase a UFC VIP Experience package and offers gourmet food and beverage selections, interactive experiences, and an opportunity for autograph signings and photos with some of your favorite UFC fighters and personalities.

faber kenda

While our UFC 169 celebrities have not been announced yet, our UFC 168 VIP hospitality party venue included appearances by Urijah Faber, Forrest Griffin, Phil Davis, Kenda Perez, among others. In addition, because UFC has some of the most high profile events it’s very likely that the person sitting next to you may be another celebrity. In Vegas, fans were treated to an appearance by Mike Tyson who had seats in the same row as many other attendees!

mike tyson

UFC 169 Live

So what have you decided? If these five reasons have peaked your interest then UFC VIP Experience packages are for you. With an Official UFC 169 VIP Experience Package you get the best seats, behind the scenes access, entrance into an exclusive UFC VIP hospitality venue and tons of other extras!


Take me to UFC 169!