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Best 2014 NBA Draft Prospects by Position

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

January 17, 2014

Rejoice NBA teams, the 2014 NBA Draft is chock FULL of talent! Now that we’re well into NCAA football season we’ve seen more of the strengths and weaknesses of the potential 2014 Draft class. Everyone’s been posting first round picks, top 50 picks, top 100 picks.

Today we bring you the best prospects by Position in the 2014 NBA Draft:


Joel Embiid, Kansas, 7'0''
Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky, 7'0''
Jordan Bachynski, Arizona State, 7'2''

Power Forward

Julius Randle, Kentucky, 6'9''
Aaron Gordon, Arizona, 6'9''
Noah Vonleh, Indiana, 6'10''

Small Forward

Andrew Wiggins, Kansas, 6'8''
Jabari Parker, Duke, 6'8''
Rodney Hood, Duke, 6'6''

Shooting Guard

Zach LaVine, UCLA, 6'5''
Gary Harris, Michigan State, 6'4''
Spencer Dinwiddie, Colorado, 6'5''

Point Guard

Dante Exum, Australia, 6'6'', 
Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, 6'4'', 
Vasilije Micic, Serbia 6'5''

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There’s still plenty of time for these prospects to change, but it appears as if all NBA Draft experts are fully impressed by at least these top three at each position. For teams it’s equally as important to get a sense of who will be an overall well-rounded player as well as, in their dedicated positions.

If you are stacked at one position for example, your team may want to overlook a particular player or considering setting up a trade scenario to get someone who will fill a need on your team.

If the 2013 NBA Draft was any indication, standings and pre-Draft analysis don’t always mean that someone is going in the Top 10 or even the first round. The 2014 NBA Draft prove to be interesting because with such a talented class, it’s hard to truly say who will go when and where!

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Who do you believe the top prospects at each position are? Share in the comments below!


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