College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff: Official Ticket Packages Best Way to Attend

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

February 7, 2014

The college football system had one big New Years resolution – and we’re seeing it implemented in a big way. The saying “out with the old, in with the new” has a new meaning here: the end of the BCS era as we know it, and welcome to the College Football Playoff!

With the end of the BCS bringing an end to millions of bowl games that all count in some way shape or form, the College Football Playoff is bringing to light a simple system – three games, one well-deserving champion.

So what does this mean for college football fans? A whole new way to experience the biggest games of the season!

So let’s talk about this “experience.” Typically, when attending big games, such as the College Football semifinal games or the College Football National Championship, there are two ways to attend: a regular ticket and a ticket package.

With you purchase a ticket, you’re granted access to the game. That’s all! You’re probably not in the best seats because prices were so high and you’re going to spend a fortune on concessions; add the cost of paying for travel to the game and if you’re from out of town, hotel stays. I’m seeing a lot of $$$.

Let’s talk about the alternative: Official Ticket Packages! (If I could add a halo over those words to create emphasis, I assure you I would!)

Check out these three reasons why Official Ticket Packages are the only way to attend the College Football Playoff Games:

1. Premium Seating

Okay, so the decision has been made that you’re going to attend college football’s Super Bowl. The last thing you want is to be sitting in the nose bleeds having to watch the game on the jumbotron because you can hardly see the players numbers.

With College Football Playoff Official Ticket Packages you’ll have a great selection of seats! Depending on the package you select, you can opt from sitting right on the sidelines, end zone, club level or in suites!

No matter where you’re watching the game from, you’ll enjoy great views close to the action!

2. Official Hospitality Access

There’s nothing worse than having to fork out additional money on concessions once you’ve already paid your way into the game. With Official College Football Playoff Ticket Packages you’ll have exclusive access to a pregame hospitality area inside the stadium!

Inside you’ll find a full premium menu with a top-shelf open bar, collegiate football legend appearances and interactive elements!

You’ll be tailgating in style for the biggest college football games of the year as a VIP! How can it get any better than that?!

3. VIP Amenities

And let’s face it. Receiving an Official Ticket Package to the College Football Playoff or National Championship Game just wouldn’t be right without access to VIP amenities!

With your Official Ticket Package to the CFP, you’ll also receive an Official College Football Playoff gift bag, exclusive stadium collection game program voucher and a souvenir college football playoff lanyard with a ticket sleeve.

With select packages, you’ll even receive a $50 merchandise coupon!

You’ll also receive preferred Playoff Premium Stadium Parking, allowing you to avoid traffic, and you can opt in for luxurious hotel accommodations! So essentially, everything you need is included in one price.

Attend the College Football National Championship!

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the biggest event in the college football season! With new rules and new format, the College Football Playoff is set up to deliver competition like the BCS never could, which means you could be watching the best competition possible live!

Get more information on how you can attend the College Football Playoff and College Football National Championship today!


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