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Top 7 Best Moments From the BCS Era

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

March 14, 2014

College Football National Championship White E PackageIf you’ve been following college football news, you know that the door to BCS has closed and it’s been a long time coming. To replace the BCS system of computers and formulas we’ve been given the gift of the first ever College Football Playoff!

But let’s not say “out with the old and in with the new", so fast. Let’s take a moment to remember the end of an era. So in remembrance of the BCS, take a look at our top 7 best moments from the BCS and share yours with us in the comments below.

7. Virginia Tech vs Florida State – 1999

The Virginia Tech and Florida State 1999 National Championship makes our list because of epic plays by both teams. Despite their loss to the Seminoles this year, Virginia Tech freshman QB Michael Vick had a great performance. However, Vick couldn’t compete with the plays executed by Florida State, specifically Peter Warrick’s punt return in the second quarter.

Although it wasn’t a game winning play, Warrick’s punt return for the touchdown as an epic play – it was a 43-yard pass received by a juggling catch! There is no denying that it set the pace for the Seminoles the rest of the game. Warrick was then named “Most Outstanding Player.”

6. Florida State vs Auburn – 2014

It’s hard to not look back fondly on the BCS era and omit this year’s title game. With the lead changing three times in the final four minutes, it was the game-winning touchdown from Seminoles Jameis Winston to Kelvin Benjamin that put it on our list. With just 13 seconds remaining on the clock it was a great way for Florida State to end their undefeated season and a great way for fans to say goodbye to the BCS.

5. Auburn vs Oregon – 2011

This BCS National Championship may have been low scoring, but the final two minutes were critical! Oregon and Auburn were tied at 19-19 with slightly over two minutes left in the game. Auburn’s RB Michael Dyer appeared to have been taken down at Auburn’s 45-yard line, but rolled over the Oregon defense and was never ruled down allowing him to gain an additional 37 yards. Auburn then won on a field goal from the 23-yard line as time expired!

4. Texas vs USC – 2005

In this 2005 title meeting, USC held the score 38-33 with 26 seconds left on the clock. The Longhorns had just scored a touchdown and had a pivotal Trojans stop. As Texas lined up on the 9-yard line fourth-and-5, QB Vince Young dropped back as the ball was snapped to find nobody open. He then sprinted into the end zone to bring the Longhorns the National Championship!

3. Boise State vs Oklahoma – 2007

Oklahoma was highly favored heading into the Fiesta Bowl, but Boise State came out strong taking the lead in first half. Oklahoma came back in the second half scoring 25 consecutive points and taking the lead 35-28 with 1:02 left in the fourth quarter. However, Boise State managed to tie the game with a “hook and lateral” with seven seconds left in regulation.

Oklahoma scored early in overtime, but it was Boise State’s trick plays that brought them sweet victory. Boise State QB Jared Zabransky ran to his left as WR Vinny Perretta lined up as RB and took the snap. He threw the touchdown pass to TE Derek Schouman who had lined up as WR. This brought Boise State within one point of Oklahoma, 42-41.

Bringing out the third trick play of the night, the Broncos went for the two-point conversion for the win. With a variation of the “statue of liberty,” Zabransky faked a pass to his right and backhanded to RB Ian Johnson who ran for the conversion and the win.

2. Ohio State vs Miami – 2003

This BCS National Championship still brings up harsh feelings for Miami. The Hurricanes were running a 34-game winning streak heading into the title match. Ohio State had the game in their hands in the fourth quarter until Todd Sievers awarded Miami the gift of overtime with a 40-yard kick.

The game went into two overtimes where Buckeyes RB Maurice Clarett scored the winning touchdown giving Ohio State their first title since 1968!

So why are Hurricanes fans still so mad? There was an incredibly controversial pass interference call in the first overtime on Miami DB Glenn Sharpe. Had the call not been made, Miami would have won on the incompletion.

1. Texas vs USC – 2006

What makes this game unique is that both the Texas Longhorns and the USC Trojans held the top two rankings the entire season leading into this match-up. USC had two prior national championships under their belt with 34 straight victories, but Texas wasn’t going to give them another without a fight.

The Longhorns found themselves behind by 12 points in the fourth quarter, but QB Vince Young brought the team back. Young finished with 467 yards and three rushing touchdowns, including a game-winning 8-yard run! What makes this play even better? It took place on fourth-and-5 with 19 seconds remaining in the game!

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