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The Best BCS College Football Records

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

March 21, 2014

College football has provided us with epic teams, crazy winning streaks, great upsets and something to affiliate with. There is nothing that compares to the excitement of watching your team defeat its rival, the thrill of setting a record, the fall of a defeat or the pride you feel watching your favorite player advance into the world of NFL football. College football unites us as fans that stretch across an area as vast as the United States under the umbrella of a common logo. This is why we love college football.

However, times are changing and the college football system as we know it is being upgraded to a far more superior decision making process. Fans are learning to adjust to the College Football Playoff and saying their goodbyes to the computer-processed BCS as we leave it behind to move forward.

But, before the door closes to the way college football used to be and the window opens to how college football is now, let’s take a look at some of the most impressive records from the BCS era of college football!

The Most Impressive College Football Records in the BCS

• Alabama has won the most BCS National Championships (3)

• Florida State and Oklahoma tie for the most appearances in a BCS National Championship game (4)

• The most points scored in a Bowl game was when USC beat Oklahoma, 55-19, in the 2005 Orange Bowl

• The most rushing yards in a game was set in the USC vs Texas game in 2006 with 289 yards – this game also had the most first downs (30)

• The most passing yards in a game was set in the Oregon vs Auburn match in 2011 with 374 yards – this game also set the record for most total plays (85)

• The record for fewest points allowed was set in the 2012 Alabama vs LSU game with zero

• The largest comeback record was created in 2014 between FSU and Auburn (18 points)

• James Laurinaitis set the record for most tackles (18) in the Ohio State vs LSU game in 2008

• Steve Smith set the record for most receiving TD’s (3) in the USC vs Oklahoma game in 2005

• Vince Young set the record for most rushing yards (200) in the Texas vs USC game in 2006

• Kellen Winslow Jr. set the record for most receptions (11) in the Miami vs Ohio State game in 2003

• The longest touchdown run was by Chris Wells for 65 yards in the Ohio State vs LSU game in 2008

• The longest kickoff return was by Levante Whitfield for 100 yards and the TD in the FSU vs Auburn game in 2014

• The longest touchdown pass record was set by Tee Martin and Peerless Price for 79 yards in the Tennessee vs FSU game in 1999

• The longest punt return record was set in 2002 by DeJuan Groce in the Nebraska vs Miami game for 71 yards and the TD

• The record for interception returns was set in 1999 in the Tennessee FSU game by Dwayne Goodrich for 54 yards

Did we miss any? Tell us which records we should have included on this list in the comments below.

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