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Four of the UFC’s Best Victories

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

March 28, 2014

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I know what you’re thinking… With all of the amazing fights the UFC’s Octagon™ has seen, how could I possibly just narrow it down to four. Well it was hard, REALLY hard, but I do these things for you so you won’t have to!

So how did I go about picking these matchups? Research, consensus, other lists, and watching film, that’s how, but you be the judge. See the four that made the list, then vote on your favorites.

If there’s one that you really think is missing from the list, share it in the comments below and tell me why I’m crazy for leaving it off!

Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74

First up we have a classic battle between UFC® Hall of Famer and multiple title holder Randy Couture and Gabriel Gonzaga, the number one contender at the time. Couture was able to secure the win with a TKO via punches,  but this fight among heavyweights is one of the best victories for Couture in my opinion! Here’s why:

1. The Natural was an underdog, even though he’s one of the most winningest, dominant forces in the UFC®. He was 44 years old at the time, and over 20 lbs lighter than Gonzaga. Couture was 228.5 lbs and Gonzaga was 252 lbs.

2. After a grueling 2 rounds, he used his superior grappling to get into half guard and let loose on Gonzaga with punches. Even more impressive was that after the fight we learned that Couture fought through a broken left arm.

Mauricio Rua vs Dan Henderson at UFC 139

Just to pad my decision here, this matchup also won “Best Fight of 2011” honors, and for good reason. Fans were expecting to see Cain Velasquez defend his title against Junior Dos Santos, then Vitor Belfort matchup against Cung Le, then Belfort was replaced by Wanderlei Silva, then finally Shogun was matched up against Hendo for this UFC® event.

Dan Henderson won this 5 round main event, and here are the reasons why it made my list:

1. This matchup went the distance (where fans usually prefer to see a submission or KO); this was one of the most entertaining fights of all time. Shogun was bleeding from one minute into round one, making it one of the grittiest fights too.

2. This is widely considered one of the best MMA matches ever. The pace and skill displayed throughout the match makes this a front runner for the best victory in UFC® history. (Shogun vs Hendo was such an amazing fight that they had a part 2!)

Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez at UFC 166

A more recent matchup, this was an instant classic! Melendez vs Sanchez was not the main event but it won the most entertaining fight of the night (in my book) and took home actual Fight of the Night honors. Sanchez, of course, is no stranger to those as this was his seventh FOTN bonus.

1. Once the fight was over, Joe Rogan dubbed it the best fight he’s ever seen, and Dana White agreed. (These two men have seen A LOT of MMA, I wouldn’t question it.)

2. If you did want to question it, UFC VIP Experience was live at the event and can attest, first-hand, to how extraordinary it was. The arena was electric and even when you thought one of these fighters was down and out, you just knew, that after a battle like that there was no way these guys were going to tap or finish anywhere less than to the absolute end.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Filipovic at UFC 70

This is the second appearance by Gonzaga and for good reason. This victory earned Gonzaga a title shot against Couture (earlier in our list). Here’s why it’s on the list:

1. This is Filipovic’s signature move and for Gonzaga to come in and finish him with it well, it’s simply amazing.

2. This is one of the greatest knockouts in the history of MMA and so it really gets double points for that!

So what’s your favorite victory, decide in this head to head battle:

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