Travel Agents: Booking Through the Official Source Matters

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

April 14, 2014

Every travel agent has been there. Your clients are planning a trip to a destination and they’re looking for sporting events, concerts, you name it, to do while they’re there. You search around and find some options for them. Your clients decide on the events they want to attend, and you book their tickets through a secondary source. Little did you know at the time, big mistake.

Either the tickets were no good, you had to upcharge them to outrageous prices that made your clients unhappy in order to make commission, or maybe these tickets were “ticket packages” which came with extras inclusions which really meant one souvenir. Not exactly the kind of bang for your buck your clients were looking for.

Where does that leave you? With unhappy clients, less than rave reviews, and the lost opportunity of a repeat customer. It’s even worse when your clients aren’t just a family, but are a large group or corporation.

Whether you’ve already dealt with a situation like this or if you’ve been lucky and avoided these problems thus far, we’re here to help ensure you that this sort of flaw never happens to you and your fellow travel agents.

The solution? It’s simple really, book directly from the source! Take a look at these three reasons why booking Official Ticket Packages (key word there is Official) direct from the source of the event is the best solution for both you and your clients!

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1. Security and Reliability

One of the greatest perks about booking Official product is that it comes direct from the source. So when you receive your ticket packages, you will have quality assurance that your tickets are valid and the inclusions are just as good anyone could dream of.

There is no question about whether or not a ticket package from an event organizer is of exceptional quality, and that is the type of security you are able to pass along to your clients! In turn, your clients will see you as a reputable source and will be more likely to come back to you for future needs. That’s a win-win.

2. Exclusive Perks No Matter the Group Size

Whether you are planning a trip for two people or 150 people, Official Ticket Packages can accommodate your group. With large block seating available, you’ll also rest assured that your entire group will be seated together and not spaced out amongst the stadium or arena.

Additionally, Official Ticket Packages include hospitality and transportation options. This allows your clients to have luxurious accommodations in their destination and transportation to and from Official events included in the price of their ticket package.

This means that there is one set price that they have to pay, and it eliminates extra booking responsibilities for you as the travel agent. Instead of you needing to book their hotel and rental car in addition to their trip, it will already be done for you!

3. Unparalleled Access and Inclusions

This is where you really see the smiles get wide. Official Ticket Packages also include Official Hospitality access and Official inclusions as well! So no matter what event they are attending, they’ll be able to enjoy exclusive access to a premium hospitality area, complimentary gourmet fare, open or cash bars, plenty of interactive elements, and even celebrity appearances!

Not to mention, many Official Ticket Packages also include gift bags which hold Official merchandise from the event. Go big or go home right? There is virtually no way that your clients could feel like they were jipped out of inclusions, which will make you both happy.

QuintEvents: The Official Source

describe the imageSo now that you’re sold, find out how you can team up and get your commission! QuintEvents is the only event company with Official Relationships with nine of the world’s most prestigious event organizers!

With Official Partnerships with the NFL On Location, NBA, Churchill Downs, College Football Playoff Premium, Breeders’ Cup, Formula One Paddock Club, Circuit of The Americas, MotoGP VIP Village, and UFC, there are events taking place all around the world that your clients can attend!

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So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to see how you can partner up with QuintEvents to send your clients on the trip of a lifetime today! Visit our website to learn how the commission process works and to get more information.


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