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The Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Process by the Numbers

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

April 15, 2014

For many fans, the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process is a magical procedure that few are privy too. With the official selection process outlined on the official site, fans still sometimes have a hard time grasping how exactly players are selected, and enshrined into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

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To simplify the process I bring you the selection process: by the numbers (like coloring with numbers, but for football!). So kick back and read on for a simple explanation to how Hall of Famers are selected!

Pro Football Hall of Fame by the Numbers

ONE: The number of fans it takes to nominate a qualified (i.e. pro football related) person. This means if a fan would like to nominate someone, all it takes is one written letter to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee for consideration!

TWO: The number of representatives on the Selection Committee from New York. (Each pro football city has one media representative on the committee, with two teams, they get two representatives)

THREE: The smallest enshrinement class ever (1973 and 1976’s classes both had three enshrinees)

FOUR: According to the current ground rules of the committee, between four and seven new members will be enshrined each year.

FIVE: A player or coach must have last played or coached a minimum of five seasons before consideration.

NINE: The number of veteran members of the committee who name the two pre-1988 nominees for consideration.

THIRTEEN: The amount of at-large delegates.

FIFTEEN: The number of modern-era candidates who are selected to the hall for consideration.

SEVENTEEN: The roster of final candidates must include 17 pro-football affiliated persons. Fifteen from the modern-era and two nominees from the pre-1988 era.

THIRTY-THREE: The 33rd member of the committee is a rep of the Pro Football Writer’s of America and is appointed for a two-year term.

EIGHTY: One nominated a candidate is must receive an 80% approval from the committee. (A scale of negative votes for elimination varies by the number of committee members in attendance.)

For more information on the Committee & selection process>>

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