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3 Reasons Why the Pro Bowl’s 2015 Home Wins

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

April 15, 2014

Pro Bowl FieldUndoubtedly you’ve heard the news by now, and if you haven’t let me be the first to tell you: The 2015 Pro Bowl will be played in Arizona!

If you’re experiencing déjà vu, you’re not alone. It wasn’t too long ago that the NFL announced another big game was going to be played in Arizona: Super Bowl XLIX. So for those of you following along at home, that means that next year BOTH the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl will be played in the same state!

Obviously for Arizona natives this is going to be one exciting January/February, but here are three reasons why Arizona wins as the 2015 home of the Pro Bowl for all NFL fans.

1. Less Traveling = More Time at your Destination!

Everyone knows that Hawaii is not just a hop, skip and jump to travel to. For many it’s a multi-stop, day-long flying adventure. Consider this:

Flight Times to Hawaii:

  • San Francisco to Honolulu: four hours and 40 mins
  • New York to Honolulu : 10 hour 50 minute flight

Flight Times to Arizona:

  • San Francisco to Phoenix: two hours
  • New York to Phoenix: five hours and 37 minutes

With the 2015 Pro Bowl’s new home stationed in Phoenix, AZ fans all over the U.S. can enjoy shorter flights, and more time on-site to enjoy the event’s festivities!

2. They’re Hosting Super Bowl XLIX…Less Than One Week Later!

NFLOL SB49 reg lockupThis is just the third time in NFL history that the same site will host both the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl in Los Angeles and the 2010 game in Miami, also shared this honor.

For fans who have had to make the tough choice of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, or the Super Bowl in the mainland, the decision has already been made! With two upper echelon football events slated to take place one week apart in the same city, this will easily become a football fan’s bucket list week! Instead of planning two separate vacations, plan one ULTIMATE football week.

3. Arizona Will be Chock Full of Things To Do Around the Game

Think of all the opportunities you will have to see the league’s best players, all gathered in one location! Additionally, Arizona is a mecca of dining, shopping, entertainment, spas, golfing and more.

PB Pic Stitch

The state has already began gearing up for the Super Bowl, and the Pro Bowl’s addition will only make the occasion all the more special.

For a full list of why Arizona is the perfect place for the Pro Bowl AND Super Bowl>>>

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