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UFC’s Most Memorable Losses

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

April 17, 2014

Of course as UFC fans we all talk about the great wins, the huge victories. Many times, it’s this victory that goes into the history books, but in some cases, it’s the loss of the other fight that’s equally, if not more important.

To continue our series I thought we could take a look at the UFC’s most memorable losses. For a look at other UFC bests or greatest:

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UFC’s Most Memorable Losses

Weidman Silva

UFC 162: Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

The streak was ended! This was a memorable loss for many reasons. The opponent, the result and the way in which it ended, to name a few. Some UFC fighters and experts expressed their concern, that Weidman would be the man to deliver a loss to the Spider, but when it actually happened it certainly rocked the MMA world.

UFC 171: Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler’s

This most recent fight was a battle for both men, and is already in early contention for fight of the year. Both fighters showed their drive to win, and in the end Hendricks became the new champion. However, this will forever be one of Robbie Lawler’s most memorable losses in the UFC.

Brenn Story

UFC Live: Charlie Brenneman vs. Rick Story

This fight is memorable because it was a huge upset for Brennemen and an unexpected loss for Rick Story! On one day’s notice, Brenneman secured a win via unanimous decision. Brenneman used the fight to showcase his grappling skills and ground game.

UFC 86: Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

UFC 86’s main event won Fight of the Night honors, and landed on our list as a memorable UFC loss for Jackson. Jackson had been undefeated for over three years, and was headed into a potential third title defense, that is until he met Griffin in the Octagon™. Jackson had been dominant, but Griffin managed to dominate at UFC 86 and earned the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship by unanimous decision.

Penn Hughes

UFC 46: BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes

Penn becomes the UFC Welterweight Champion after submitting Hughes in the first round. Hughes came into the fight on a 13-fight win streak, and was a superior grappler and striker. That said, Penn came in to fight at the welterweight (was previously lightweight division) and stunned with a fast and dominant performance over Hughes.

UFC 69: Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre

Serra came into this fight as a huge underdog. In fact, once they met in the middle of the Octagon, these fighters barely looked as if they belonged in the same weight division. With a six inch reach advantage, fans, experts and commentators alike expected this to be the Rush show, with little faith in Serra’s ability to get a victory. Much to everyone’s surprise, Serra was able to get inside and nail GSP, then swarm him to take the win and Welterweight Championship title.



Did we miss a matchup that should’ve been on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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