Get the Lowdown: Tickets vs Official Ticket Packages

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

May 28, 2014

QuintEvents LogoThat’s it, you’re not going to let another year go by without attending a bucket list sporting event! Good for you!

At QuintEvents we’re providers of bucket list VIP experiences through our Official Partnerships, so we know first-hand the joy and memories that can come from attending these amazing events. The next question is how to get there, am I right?

Do you wait for tickets to go on sale and have your finger on the mouse ready to click “BUY”, or do you take your time and search on the secondary market such as StubHub or other ticket market place, OR do you purchase an Official Ticket Package that has your ticket included?
These are all good questions, and you’d be silly not to have them all flash across your mind as you plan your trip to a bucket list event. SO I’m here to answer them for you!

Tickets: From the Source vs The Secondary Market

Right away this title makes a distinction from the secondary market and a source that is direct with your event.

If you purchase tickets from the source you know that you’re tickets are authentic and your transaction is secure.

With the secondary market you don’t always have that security. There is no guarantee that your tickets will arrive, that they will be authentic, or that you’re paying a fair market price.

In plain English, you're taking your chances with the secondary market.

Ticket vs. Official Ticket Packages

So now you’ve eliminated getting just tickets from a secondary market source, that still leaves the dilemma of just being ready to go when tickets go on sale, OR purchasing an Official Ticket Package?

Tickets are great as they get you entry into your bucket list event! The down side is that for many high profile events, their numbers are limited, and the high cost associated with them usually ONLY grants you entry and a seat. For many that may be enough, getting to say you were at the event.

For others looking for a true bucket list experience, consider an Official Ticket Package. It goes without saying that these packages include a ticket to the event direct from the source, but what else is included in this package? Well, I’m glad you asked. Depending on the event you’re looking to attend this can be a wide range of things. Package inclusions include:

  • UFC ExperiencePlayer, athlete, cheerleader or celebrity meet and greets (Photo and Autograph ops)
  • Official merchandise or vouchers to purchase your own souvenirs
  • Support staff on site to assist you
  • Accommodations and Transportation
  • Access to exclusive hospitality venues and parties
  • Dedicated entrances
  • Block seating for large groups 
  • …and much more!

The price of a package is sometimes incrementally more or just slightly more (especially as compared to the price of just a ticket purchased on the secondary market). However, consider going to the Super Bowl for example. There are two scenarios:

One you purchase your ticket, if you’re from Arizona, you don’t have to worry about accommodations, but you do need to arrange transport, food, beverage, purchasing concessions and finding your own tailgate. If you aren’t from Arizona, it goes without saying you will also need to find a place to stay throughout Super Bowl weekend and transport to and from the airport as well as your hotel.

Now say you’re coming from out of town and you’re looking to attend Super Bowl XLIX, you come to QuintEvents.com and either fill out a form or call one of our knowledgeable reps. They take your budget and bucket list desires into consideration and help you choose a package that gives you the ultimate experience.

It’s slightly more than you were willing to fork out all at once, but that’s okay because with easy payment terms you can space out the payments and still comfortably make it to the Super Bowl.

    • Super Bowl Hotel: Check
    • Transportation: Check
    • Ticket to the game: Check
    • Epic Tailgate with gourmet food and top shelf beverages: Check
    • Player and Cheerleader meet and greets: (Yeap you can do that) Check
    • Performances and interactive elements: Check
    • Dedicated staff on site: Check
    • Merchandise or Vouchers to redeem souvenirs: Check
    • Dedicated VIP Entrance: Check

Doesn’t that seems like a more convenient and wonderful bucket list experience? Get so much more than you would with a regular ticket and do it with an official source: QuintEvents.

Additionally if you're trying to attend with a large group and purchase tickets on your own, odds are you will end up spread across the venue. With QuintEvents' Official Ticket Packages, we can arrange block seating so that your group can experience the event together!

Start Your Bucket List Experience and Book an Official Ticket Package

So you’re convinced, the ONLY way to experience a bucket list experience with an Official Ticket Package right? Well now that your mind is made up don’t wait a second longer. Visit QuintEvents.com or call us at 1-866-834-8663 to choose your event and start your VIP Experience. We can’t wait to help you check off an item from your bucket list!


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