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Ball So Hard at Super Bowl XLIX with a Stadium Box Package

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

May 30, 2014

It’s decided: you and your friends are going to BALL OUT at Super Bowl XLIX! You’ve been saving and 2015 is the year you’re going to do it. 2015 is the year you’re going to be at the Super Bowl!

OR you’re ready to reward your employees or treat your customers and want to take them to Super Bowl XLIX in style as a group.

You already know you’re going with an Official Super Bowl XLIX Ticket Package, but which one is right for you and your buddies, employees or customers? You can choose from:

Super Bowl XLIX

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OR the Stadium Box Package. (Ooooh shiny!)

So what can you expect with Stadium Box Packages? Read on to become an expert on this Super Bowl XLIX Official Ticket Package and then report back to your friends, employees and customers, and wow them with this awesome experience!

The Seats

You already know that your group is large (and possibly in charge) and you want to be all together so you can experience every moment of the big game as a group! That’s where Stadium Box Packages come in.

With an exclusive Stadium Box inside University of Phoenix Stadium you can fit 8, 16 or up to 24 people in your box! These seats aren’t in the nosebleeds off to the corner either.

You will have prime seating in the 100-level and optimal views of the field! (Think in the 50 yard line vicinity, OH YEAH!)

The Party

Anyone travelling to Arizona for the 2015 Super Bowl doesn’t just want to go to the game and go home. They want to mix, mingle and party, enjoying every second of this epic Super Bowl Sunday! Well, your Stadium Box Package has you covered!

Experience the ultimate tailgate with an exclusive in-stadium hospitality party venue open for three hours pre-game, and re-opening for another 90 minutes post-game.

What exactly is this hospitality party venue? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

Picture this, you walk into a wall-to-wall luxury venue INSIDE the stadium. In there you can nosh on gourmet fare (as much as you can handle and maybe a little more) and indulge in a premium top shelf open bar, all available pre game. Additionally, you can meet and greet with NFL players and cheerleaders. Seriously—not just seeing them on the field but up close and personal! Enjoy interactive entertainment elements and live performances!

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Then, enjoy the game and come right back to relive every moment for an hour and a half post game! While everyone wades through the crowd to get back to their hotels or after parties, enjoy your own personal after party in-stadium, complete with select menu items, beer, wine and soft drinks!

Sounds like the ultimate tailgate and party? That’s because it is!

During the Game Concessions

Already mapping out a plan of attack for the concession stands in between quarters? Don’t bother! Your Stadium Box Package also comes with the ability to purchase in-game food and beverage to be served in box.


Post-Game On Field Experience

On Field Post Game Experience

This is not a drill. Your Official Ticket Package also includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get on the field just like the Super Bowl XLIX champions! Watch the confetti fall around you, drink in the sweet victory and celebrate like winners because you will have the unique experience of being on the University of Phoenix Stadium field for a bucket list experience!

Amenities and Extras

You didn’t really think that was all did you?

Your Stadium Box Package gets you amazing amenities such as a Super Bowl XLIX Gift Bag, brimming with Official merchandise and goodies, a voucher to claim your Exclusive Stadium Program, and NFL On Location Signature Service Staff on-site to assist throughout your experience.

In addition, get into the stadium through your dedicated VIP security entrance—no lines for you!

Looking for hotel accommodations or parking? Opt-in for luxury accommodations in Arizona and preferred stadium parking to complete this amazing package.

Get Your Stadium Box Package

So now that you’ve done the recon work, head back to your group and let them know that in 2015 you all will be going to Super Bowl XLIX with an Official Stadium Box Package!

Go back with news about amazing seats, hospitality and amenities that are part of the package and we will see you and your group in February, 2015!


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