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2014 NBA Draft: Prospects by Position

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

May 28, 2014

The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery is in the books and now that teams know exactly where they’ll be selecting it’s time to really scout who would fit best into their team, city, culture and system!

Not as easy as it sounds right? Well for team scouts, they’ve spent the past year observing the upcoming crop of talent throughout their college career and the most recent NCAA tournament. For many scouts, they even got a final look at the 2014 NBA Draft Combine.

For fans who don’t know, the Draft Combine is a last chance for players to show their stuff, and for scouts to be impressed.

So with the picks in the bag, and the Combine completed, let’s look at the top prospects by position:

Point Guard

Marcus Smart: 6’3”, 227 pounds, 6’9.25” wingspan

This young prospect’s size alone will be impressive at the position, but combined with an impressive Combine lane agility time, some experts are already comparing him to a Russell Westbrook, John Wall or Chris Paul.

Dante Exum: 6'6", 196 pounds, 6'9.5" wingspan

Another big guy, Exum comes in at the top of his class at the PG position. His large size and athleticism have caught the eye of many scouts. He is also creative and has natural basketball instinct to spare.

Jahii Carson (up from Combine): 5’10”, 180 lbs, 6' 2" wingspan

While much smaller than the other prospects on our list, Carson has shown a great deal of athleticism and could possibly go in the first round. The Phoenix Suns are looking at him, and as a hometown favorite the stars may just align on Draft night for this prospect.

Small Forward

Andrew Wiggins: 6'8", 200 pounds, 7'0" wingspan

If you don’t know who Wiggins is at this point you may want to get out from the rock you’re living under. Wiggins did not participate in the 2014 NBA Draft Combine, but is already surrounded by tons of buzz, and is prospected to go #1 overall.

Jabari Parker: 6'8", 241 pounds, 7'0" wingspan

It’s almost neck and neck between Wiggins and Parker for the #1 overall pick. Parker’s one downside is his defense (not that it’s not good, just that Wiggins’ is projected as better). Come Draft night it will be interesting to see where these two young prospects land.

Doug McDermott: 6'8", 218 pounds, 6'9.25" wingspan

McDermott’s strengths are excellent footwork, an eye for the basket and a swift shooting release. That said, teams will need to figure out how to use him defensively.

Power Forward

Noah Vonleh: 6'9", 247 pounds, 7'4.25" wingspan

Early on in our mock drafts we didn’t put Vonleh at the top, but now we’ve seen the error of our ways and have this young man where he show be. With an insane wingspan and wide range shooting Vonleh is, in my opinion, the most NBA ready PF.

Julius Randle: 6'9", 250 pounds, 7'0" wingspan

An aggressive player who’s not afraid to take contact, Randle’s speed and performance in the Final Four lands him as one of the most impressive PFs this year.

Aaron Gordon: 6'9", 220 pounds, 6'11.75" wingspan

Sized perfectly for a PF, Gordon’s explosiveness and maturity combined with a strong showing at the Combine put him in the top three at this position.

Shooting Guard

Zach LaVine: 6'6", 181 pounds, 6'8.25" wingspan

While LaVine only saw limited time at UCLA he did enough to pique the interest of scouts, and then seized his moment at the NBA Draft Combine, with impressive shooting, the best lane agility time in his class and an explosive vertical.

Gary Harris: 6'4", 205 pounds, 6'6.75" wingspan

A big upside as a player who can produce on both sides of the ball, this smaller than average shooting guard is valuable for his varied shooting skills and ability to score.

Nik Stauskas: 6'6", 207 pounds, 6'7.75" wingspan

No one can better describe Stauskas’ abilities than himself:

“I can be a guy who immediately stretches the floor and make shots. That is something I have always been able to do. But I think teams are going to be surprised when I have the ball in my hands, the plays that I can make for myself and others. I just feel I am a guy with a high IQ. I really like to make the right play out there.”


Joel Embiid: 7'0", 240 pounds, 7'5" wingspan

Easily the best pick of the big men in this year’s draft, back problems may concern his future team. That aside his blocking instincts and footwork are a huge upside.

Jusuf Nurkic: 6'11", 280 pounds, 7'2" wingspan

Mitch McGary: 6’10”, 266 pounds, 7” wingspan

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