Super Bowl

Super Bowl: Now and Then

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

June 13, 2014

Super Bowl LogoDon’t freak out! This is not going to be about four women who journeyed to the very first Super Bowl and are going back to the next one. Although, I bet that would be quite a story!

With all the buzz around Super Bowl 50 as it breaks from tradition (using the number 50 instead of Roman Numeral L), we were inspired to take a look back at all the growing pains and changes from the very first Super Bowl to Super Bowl XLIX.

Come on a journey with me, as we travel back into time to January 15, 1967, when the very first Super Bowl was played.

Then vs. Now

Today we’re used to the mad dash to find tickets, the higher than face value prices, the ads, the parties, the FUN-est of Sunday Fundays, the smack talking, the tailgating, and everything else that comes with this unofficial holiday: Super Bowl Sunday.

Hard as it is to believe, things weren’t always this way. Check out these stats that compare Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XLVIII.


Then: 61,946 of the over 100,000 seats available were filled at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for Super Bowl I (or the AFL-NFL World Championship Game as it was known then)

Now: 82,529 in attendance out of 82,566, all seats were sold at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII


Then: a single commercial could run you a steep $42,000 for a :30 second spot

Now: both Super Bowl XLVII and XLVIII set a record with a :30 second spot costing 4 million dollars

Television Audience

Then: this was a historic broadcast as Super Bowl I marked the first dual-network, color coverage simulcast of a sports event in history, attracting 73 million viewers.

Now: Super Bowl XLVIII was historic for its first ever dual host by states New York and New Jersey, as well as the first cold-weather, open stadium game. It drew 112.2 million viewers. 

Ticket Pricing

Then: (Get ready to have your mind blown) $12 was the top ticket price. Calculating for inflation, today that would be an incredible $85.18! Guess folks didn’t realize how big of a deal this championship game was going to be!

Now: Face value tickets for the 2014 Super Bowl ranged from $800-$2,500, with the NFL selling about 1,000 tickets for $500 through a national lottery. How the times have changed…

See the Now by Attending Super Bowl XLIX

What stats and stories won’t tell you, is the epic feeling of actually being at this bucket list event.

Walking through the entrance into the stadium, feeling the excitement build as the best teams in the league take the field. Hanging onto every play with bated breath, screaming your head off when your team scores, booing the other team, laughing with (and at) other fans in the stadium. There’s nothing quite like it.

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