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2014 NBA Draft: Mock Draft Part IV

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

June 13, 2014

The Playoffs are winding down, and while it’s the most exciting time of year to be an NBA fan, there’s also a looming feeling of sadness. Sadness because we know there’s only a short time before we will be basketball-less and in the long off-season.

Don’t fret, though. There’s still a little basketball left. After the playoffs, in June, the NBA’s newest players will be welcomed at the 2014 NBA Draft. We’ve been following these prospects all year and have a good idea of who the top Draft options are.

Also the NBA Lottery is past and the picks are set, so part IV of our Mock Draft will focus on team needs to try to figure out more definitive positions for each prospect based on what team they’d fit with best.

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2014 NBA Mock Draft

Pick 1: Cleveland Cavaliers

Needs: Small Forward and Center

The top three 2014 NBA Draft prospects would fulfill these needs for Cleveland as Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are SFs and Joel Embiid is a center. The real decision for the Cavs is which prospect has the most to offer?
Our #1: Andrew Wiggins

Pick 2: Milwaukee Bucks

Needs: Point Guard

For the Bucks, when considering who to Draft they have to assume all three men are available. That said, current center Larry Sanders is their No. 1, so having Embiid on the squad may not make much sense for them. This leaves Wiggins and Parker. Parker has shown that he’s the best scorer in his class, and we’ve already said that we believe Wiggins is going #1 so..
Our #2: Jabari Parker

Pick 3: Philadelphia 76ers

Needs: Shooting Guard

Honestly, the 76ers only have a few stars that they feel confident in right now. With the amount of talent in this draft it may be in their best interest to take the best player. At this point, I believe that will be Embiid. With Nerlens Noel and Embiid together there’s an opportunity for an explosive duo that could make a difference for the 76ers.
Our #3: Joel Embiid.

That rounds out the top three, but there is tons of talent in the 2014 NBA Draft. Here’s how we feel the rest of the top 10 will play out:

Our #4: Dante Exum to Orlando Magic

Our #5 Julius Randle to Utah Jazz

Our #6 Aaron Gordon to Boston Celtics

Our #7 Marcus Smart to LA Lakers

Our #8 Noah Vonleh to Sacramento Kings

Our #9 Doug McDermott to Charlotte Hornets

Our #10 Gary Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers

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