QuintEvents Top 5 Most American Sporting Events

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

July 1, 2014

When it comes to describing something as “American”, it’s easier said than done. America is culture melting pot – so many cultures and varieties of things were combined to make our own distinguished culture.

And while it can be hard to classify something as fully American as it can come from a variety of sources, some things just are. Sporting events are a great example of this. When you think of an American sport, some big events just come to mind. You can’t help it. Other countries and cultures might also celebrate this event, but in your heart, it belongs to the United States.

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So with Independence Day around the corner and everyone beginning to celebrate what it means to be an American or reflecting about the great things we have here in this fine country, we decided to take a look at the sporting events on our events calendar that are simply American.

So without further ado, check out QuintEvents top five most American sporting events!

1. The Super Bowl

Onfieldpostgame153Born and raised in the United States, football covers a lot of ground! With most major cities and almost all 50 states hosting their own NFL team (two for some states), it is a vastly watched sport. Fans unite under the common face of their team through logos, jerseys, colors, and chants, and conversations can revolve for hours around trades, picks, underdogs, terrible schedules, and downright talented players.

And when you combine all these elements into an annual playoff, you’re given the United States’ top highest-rated TV program of all time – the Super Bowl!

Believe it or not, YOU can attend Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona this year! With Official Ticket Packages direct from the NFL, boasting a variety of price ranges, there is a package for everyone! With exclusive in-stadium hospitality access complete with open or cash bars, complimentary food, player and cheerleader meet-and-greets, and so much more all included in packages, there is no better way to attend America’s largest watched sporting event!

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2. The Kentucky Derby®

2014 Kentucky Derby Winners Party View 1Ah, yes, “the greatest two minutes in sports!” Everyone knows the Kentucky Derby is one of America’s greatest past times. There is nothing quite like being at Churchill Downs when “My Old Kentucky Home” is sang by the crowd of over 140,000 people and the horses are led onto the track.

Silence takes over as the belle rings, the gates open and “they’re off!” The racing brings you chills as one of these horses will shortly be the Kentucky Derby Champion and be in the running for the Triple Crown!

With Official Ticket Packages direct from Churchill Downs, you can experience the Kentucky Derby from some of the most impressive views of the track with coveted access and VIP amenities. With each package offering different vantage points of the track and exclusive in-track hospitality access complete with open or cash bars, complimentary gourmet fare, celebrity meet-and-greets, and much more, there is no better way to experience the Kentucky Derby!

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3. The College Football Playoff National Championship

College Football National Championship White E PackageCollege football is a big one in the United States! It’s one of the most highly coveted sports on the collegiate level boasting some of the wildest fans! There is just something about attending a school and showing school spirit at games and then graduating, and wanting to rep your alma mater even more.

And this year, college football isn’t playing around. It’s given the flawed BCS system the boot, and has brought in the new and improved College Football Playoff! This year, all schools will have a fair chance at making the national title game based on a variety of predetermined rankings, and you can be there to watch the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship LIVE!

Official Ticket Packages to the College Football Playoff National Championship combine all the elements you’d look for in an ultimate experience at the big game! With premium hospitality access, open bars, complimentary food, collegiate football legend meet-and-greets, and so much more, the title game will certainly be one for the record books this year!

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4. The Masters®

The Masters Course Augusta National Golf Course Picture QuintEvents Fans Lining Golf CourseThe Masters is one of those events that is just truly exceptional. From its rich history to its exclusivity, from its strict rules to its melting pot of players, the Masters is your source for some of the world’s most highly competitive golf.

With the challenge of Augusta National as its setting, the top golfers worldwide compete, through invitation only, against each other on this difficult, but beautiful course.

And with Masters tickets and badges offering you VIP access to one, two or all week long of events, you too can attend the Masters! And with the option between practice rounds and tournament rounds, you can get the exact access and amenities you seek for you and your group!

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5. Formula 1™

Circuit of The Americas Experiences F1 USGP VIP Trackside Skybox View 16It’s always been well-known throughout the world, but F1 has really made itself known in the United States the past couple years, primarily through the USGP at Circuit of The Americas! If you crave the need for speed, want to watch some of the most intense pit changes and desire to be surrounded by a highly celebrity-filled fan base, you take up watching Formula One.

And with Official Ticket Packages to the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix now on sale, you can secure your spot to watch this thrilling event LIVE at COTA! Nothing compares to sitting right at the hairpin turns or above the pits, and you can have that experience complete with VIP hospitality access within the Paddock Club, the Celebrity Skybox or the Legends Club!

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Do Yourself a Favor and Check One of These Off Your Bucket List This Year!

What are you waiting for, America? It’s time to check some of our country’s favorite sporting events off your bucket list today! Get more information today on how you can plan the experience of a lifetime by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a QuintEvents representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information.

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