Super Bowl

2015 Super Bowl Tickets: The Secret Ingredient to Success in Business

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

July 10, 2014

Every CEO, big and small, dreams of a loyal staff and clients who are happy. In a perfect world, all businesses would have these two traits, but anyone who’s every tried to run a corporation knows that it’s easier said than done.

The man power it takes to close a client, and the recognition and reward efforts needed to keep employees happy and loyal are becoming harder and harder to fulfill. Which brings me to the secret ingredient…

INCENTIVES, specifically an experiential incentive to, I don’t know.. the Super Bowl?

Now, before you dismiss this idea hear me out.

Big Name Incentive for Big Name Clients

Odds are, if you’re trying to close a high rolling client, they’ve seen the biggest plays in town, they’ve eaten at the Michelin restaurants, they’ve been wined, dined and pampered. So, how do you stick out from other suitors? Why not give them something that’s on their bucket list and likely to pique their interest?

With the Super Bowl you get both! Super Bowl XLIX is slated to take place in Glendale, AZ with many related events to be held in Phoenix.

Phoenix is becoming known for its incredible high-end dining, shopping, spas and other amenities. Why not take them on a getaway to this amazing event and have them experience the luxury Arizona has to offer. Through NFL On Location, we can customize your Super Bowl experience with concierge services, or you can select your own experience from one of several package options:

On field confetti Super BowlTouchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box


Make their game day even more memorable by selecting a package that gets you an incredible post-game, on-field experience. Just like the players and coaches who just won the game, you and your future client can celebrate as the confetti covers the field!

Keep Your Best Talent

I’ll be straight with you; a monogrammed fleece just isn’t going to cut it. When you get to your C-level execs and management, or your very best sales representatives, giving just a run of the mill gift or bonus at the end of the year isn’t enough.

Delight them with a big name event that will get their attention, and give them something to brag about to their friends.

With an Official Super Bowl XLIX Ticket Package, customize your experience and give them a VIP event they won’t soon forget. Studies have shown that experiences are remembered far longer, and hold more impact than physical things.

Additionally, an event that lasts several days is a great opportunity to work in team building and networking exercises. Get your best together and spend a weekend bonding and recognizing your team’s excellence; culminating with an amazing experience at the biggest football game of the year! 

Wow Them at the 2015 Super Bowl

describe the imageSo you’re convinced. This perfectly timed event fits in that end of year/start of year sweet spot and is high profile enough to make an impact, what now?

Well, through NFL On Location most of the planning for this incentive trip is all figured out. As mentioned above, there are various package tiers making it easy to decide which will fit best for your clients/employees and fit best for your budget.

With bundled tickets, accommodations, access to VIP hospitality, gourmet food buffets, premium open bar, NFL Player and Cheerleader meet and greets, fun and interactive elements, souvenirs and gift bags, Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages will make this incentive one that seals the deal.

Are Official Packages missing an element? Not to worry, customize the event with team building activities, group meals or anything else you can think of.


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