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5 Things You Need to Know About Wembley Stadium

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

July 11, 2014

NFL On Location NFL International Series Cheerleaders 8Wembley Stadium is known for hosting some of the most prestigious events that London has to offer! From high profile concerts to top sporting events, the stadium has a lot to offer. However, the event that it's currently broadcasting that we are most excited about is the 2014 NFL International Series

It's not every day the United Kingdom gets to experience the United States' version of football, but this year, the NFL is hitting the international stage with three regular season games being hosted at yours truly, Wembley Stadium. 

But why Wembley? What makes Wembley Stadium worthy of hosting the NFL as it steps foot on international soil? What makes this stadium historical? What's the big fuss? You're about to find out!

Without further ado, check out these five things you should know about historic Wembley Stadium!

1. The History

Wembley Stadium boasts a rich history, but what's important to realize is like many historic buildings in London, its been rebuilt. The old stadium, named Empire Stadium, was built after the first World War and served as the focal point of British football (also known as soccer).

The old building hosted the FA Cup in 1923, the 1948 Olympic Games, the World Cup in 1966, and the EURO final in 1996. 

The old building was torn down in 2003 and reopened in 2007, and the famous twin towers were replaced with a more modern arch. This was done to ensure there were no pillars offering obstructed views.

2. The Structure

Wembley Stadium is a sight to see! From its unbelievable size, its immaculate design and its stunning arch, there is no other stadium quite like it. To put its size into perspective, Wembley has a circumference of 1 kilometer and is the equivalent of 25,000 double-decker busses!

Within its walls, the stadium holds 34 bars, eight restaurants, 98 kitchens, and 688 food and drink stands. Why this many? Well, during an average sporting event at Wembley Stadium, approximately 40,000 pints of beer are served paired with about 10,500 meals. Oh yes. That much.

There are also 47 retail stores, 30 escalators, 164 turnstiles, 26 lifts, and 2,618 toilets!

As for the famous arch, it's 133 meters tall with a span of 315 meters making it the longest single span roof structure in the world and clearly visible from downtown London. The stadium also holds a roof that rises to 52 meters above the field. It is 11 acres long with four acres of it being retractable to offer direct sunlight and ventilation, while also ensuring fans are covered.

3. The Capacity

NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL Players 3Now that you know the structural size, you can probably make a guestimate at just how many fans this larger than life stadium can hold. Wembley Stadium holds 90,000 seats with absolutely no obstructions in their view! 

These seats are spread across three levels with the first level holding 34,303 seats, the second level holding 16,532 seats and the third level holding 39,165 seats. These rows are all higher and closer to the field than in the original stadium, and each seat offers plenty of leg room.

Another fun fact? If the seats were placed end to end, they'd cover 54 kilometers! 

4. The Entertainment

Wembley Stadium has a lot of entertainment to brag about! From top musicians to the biggest games of the year, Wembley offers it all! The stadium is home to the England national team, hosts the FA Cup Final and Semi Finals, the Football League Cup Final, the Football League Play Off Finals, the Rugby Football League Championship Cup Final, and the FA Community Shield.

Recently, Wembley Stadium has also taken on hosting the NFL International Series and is bringing a record three games to London this year! 

5. The Transportation

Wembley Stadium holds its own station on the Underground line. With approximately 100 trains an hour bringing fans to Wembley Park Station on any given event day, almost 40,000 people come to the stadium through the tube.

If you've ever experienced the London Underground during a big event such as the ones held at Wembley, you understand just how much madness comes along with these large crowds.

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Visit Wembley for the NFL International Series

NFL On Location NFL International Series GameNow that you've been enlightened on the historical and architectual wonders of Wembley Stadium, it's time for you to see the stadium and all its greatness in action! How? By attending the 2014 NFL International Series this fall!

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All that's left for you to do is select the game you want to attend:

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London and Wembley Stadium are calling! Will you answer?


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