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What to Wear to the NFL International Series in London

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

July 18, 2014

NFL On Location NFL International Series Game (1)Believe it or not, folks, we’re already halfway through summer! Fall will be here in the blink of an eye, and with the fall comes the
2014 NFL International Series in London!

But how do you dress for fall in London? What’s the weather going to be like? How do you combine your best team attire with dressing for the elements?

Not to worry! Keep on reading for a breakdown on the average weather conditions in London around the time of each of the three games, and for our advice on what to wear!

It Looks Like Shade and Rain.

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins: Sept. 28
Average Weather Conditions:Temperatures in London during Sept. range from the low 50s to the high 60s. It rains an average of 15 days during the month and the average cloud cover is 68 percent.

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions: Oct. 26
Average Weather Conditions: The average temperature in London during Oct. is in the 50s. It rains an average amount of 15 days and the cloud cover is about 76 percent.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys: Nov. 9
Average Weather Conditions: Temperatures range from the 40s to the 50s with an average rainfall of 17 days. Cloud cover is around 76 percent during the month.

3 Items to Wear to the NFL International Games

1. Your Team Jersey

Rain or shine, cold or warm, you can't attend the NFL International Games without wearing a jersey to rep for your favorite team. Since they're competing on international soil, they need to see all their fans supporting them up in the stands! Wearing your favorite player's jersey is the perfect way to show your support.

Don't have a team jersey? No worries, a team t-shirt or hoodie (if you're prone to get chilly) gets the job done!

2. Warm Gear

Now, depending on which game you attend, this one is a biggie. In Sept., London will be chilly, so while you might not need to go all out with warm gear, it might be wise to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath your team's jersey or t-shirt in case you get chilly easily. Warm-blooded? Maybe pack a wind-breaker or hoodie in your teams' colors to bring along... you know. Just in case.

On the other hand, if you're attending the games in Oct. or Nov., it's time to bundle up! After all, the last thing you want is to freeze your buns off at the big game, right? It's time to plan in advance and invest in an under amor shirt, a team fleece or a heavy jacket. You can always throw on your jersey over these items and they'll keep you warm during all four quarters. Aim to keep your wardrobe in your teams' colors or grab items with their logos on so you're still showing your team spirit.

Looking for even more warm gear to rep for your team? Visit the team store to find scarfs, gloves, beanies, long socks, and much more.

3. A Poncho

As much as you don't want to hear it, rain is a consistent feature in London. While the rainfall makes the game more difficult and therefore more interesting to watch, it makes it a little less enjoyable for fans. That is, if you're not prepared. Be sure to pack a poncho or rain jacket so if you're in an uncovered area of Wembley Stadium you aren't getting soaked should the weather forecast call for showers. The last thing you want to happen is for you to be soaked in the late fall months in London.

Bonus No. Four

Regardless of if the weather cooperates or not for the games, it's important to remember that you're at the 2014 NFL International Series and that's a big deal! So go all out! Paint your face! Dress yourself up in every piece of team gear or team colors you can find. Rock a foam finger! Make signs! Bring team blankets! Go all out, folks! 

It's not every year that your team gets a chance to show their stuff on the other side of the pond, and it's definitely not every year that you get to be there to watch them compete LIVE! It's time to go all in at Wembley Stadium and create the memories that will last a lifetime! 

Pack Your Bags for London...

describe the imageBecause you're going to the
2014 NFL International Series! If you've already secured your spot at Wembley for the NFL International Series, bravo! You're one step ahead of the game! If you haven't already, don't fret! There's still time to secure your spot in the stands and plan your trip.

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