Super Bowl, Pro Bowl

2015 Super Bowl and 2015 Pro Bowl = Ultimate Sports Week

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

July 23, 2014

describe the imageHave you ever had one of those days?

You wake up before your alarm clock goes off, surprisingly refreshed, go to work and get all kinds of praise for a project you’ve been working on, come home to an amazing family who’ve surprised you with dinner and a clean home. It’s just one of those perfect days that makes you happy to be alive?

Well, that’s exactly what the Ultimate Sports Week is, times a billion.

The football gods wanted you to keep the good vibes going not just on Super Bowl Sunday, but the entire week leading up to it. With the announcement of the 2015 Pro Bowl slated just a week before the 2015 Super Bowl, and all in Arizaona, football fans can now spend an entire week reveling in the football goodness!

If you don’t see what all the fuss is about check your pulse read on to see just what makes Jan. 25 – Feb. 1, 2015 the Ultimate Sports Week.

Meet the Criteria

That’s right; you can’t just throw the word “Ultimate” in front of something without it meeting some very specific criteria.

Merriam Webster has two criterion for the word:

  1. Happening or coming at the end of a process, series of events, etc.
  2. Greatest or most extreme.

So do they meet these criteria? I’d say yes.

Pro Bowl

Both the 2015 Pro Bowl and 2015 Super Bowl come as the culmination of the season and both pit the best and greatest players against each other. In the case of the Super Bowl, it pits the two greatest teams of the season against one another to compete for sport’s the greatest prize: the Lombardi Trophy!

Just Two Games

Don’t you dare call them “just two games.” Okay, so that was kind of a trap, but ask any football fan (start in Seattle) if the Super Bowl is just a game.

Super Bowl

The 2015 Pro Bowl has been given new life with the new unconferenced format. With the ever growing popularity of Fantasy Football, this real life Fantasy Football gives fans what they could only dream of. The chance to see the best players (regardless of team) compete against the each other!

The 2015 Super Bowl is definitely not just a game. In fact, among football fans, many consider Super Bowl Sunday an unofficial holiday. The entire two weeks after the NFC and AFC Champions are announced gives fans time to bring their excitement to the brink.

The smack talking and team jersey shopping rampage that takes place is unbelievable, and the party planning that takes place is next level. That’s because this isn’t just a game, it’s THE game.

Do It Like a Boss

Of course just getting tickets and being in the stands for both the 2015 Pro Bowl and 2015 Super Bowl is something to be celebrated, but what makes this truly the Ultimate Sports Week, is how you can do it like a total boss.

QuintEvents and the NFL have teamed up to bring fans NFL On Location Official Ticket Packages for both events. With unparalleled access and exclusive amenities, getting official packages is sure to make this the ultimate week.

2015 Pro Bowl

Guests who want that next level, VIP experience can choose from one of two packages, click for more info:

Gameday Packages>>>

MVP Packages>>>

Each package gives guests a guaranteed ticket to the 2015 Pro Bowl, with an option to upgrade your seat location so you can view the game from almost anywhere your heart desires. Additionally, each package gives you access to the Official NFL Pro Bowl Tailgate Party!

Pro Bowl Hospitality

Open three full hours pre-game, this tailgate is stocked with delicious gourmet fare and complimentary bar options! Complete with fun and interactive elements for the entire family, this tailgate will set the mood and get you pumped for the game!

With MVP Packages, guests get the added bonus of having luxury accommodations, and ground transportation included—one less thing to plan!

Your Saturday night plans are taken care of, as you're invited to the NFL’s Official Saturday Night Party!


Get Info on the 2015 Pro Bowl


2015 Super Bowl

Think the inclusions for the 2015 Pro Bowl are amazing? Super Bowl XLIX gets even better. Select your package level to choose from various levels of hospitality that include complimentary gourmet food and drink, and NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets.

Super Bowl

Additionally, select packages that include on-field experiences that get you on University of Phoenix Stadium’s field for a unique experience that only the 2015 Super Bowl champs will be privy to, accommodations, ground transportation, souvenirs, gift bags, dedicated security entrances, NFL On Location On-Site staff to help you navigate through your experience, and so much more!

Official Ticket Package levels include:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

And with convenient payment terms, this Ultimate Sports Week is your's for the taking! As of today the terms are:

Super Bowl

Pro Bowl

 1/3 due at signing

 33% due at signing 

 1/3 due August 15, 2014

 33% due August 1, 2014

 1/3 due November 15, 2014

 33% due October 31, 2014

Will we see you in Arizona? Are you pumped about the Ultimate Sports Week? Will your team or players make it to the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl? Share in the comments below! 

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