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Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend: What to Pack, What to Bring?

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

July 25, 2014

PFHOF logoWe’re inching closer and closer to the big weekend. Just over one week to go until the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are inducted and the preseason kicks-off. This means there’s just one thing on your mind if you’re Canton-bound:

What do I pack and what do I bring!?!

You know we’ve got you covered! If you need a refresher on the enshrinees of the 2014 class:

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Andre Reed>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Michael Strahan>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Aeneas Williams>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Derrick Brooks>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Ray Guy>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Claude Humphrey>>>

>>" target="_blank">Learn about Walter Jones>>>

Keep an eye out next week as we will also be bringing you a cheat guide to all the events of the weekend and of what’s included in your specific package.

Down to business. As the days fly by, and your bag stays empty you begin to wonder, what exactly should you bring? What do you need to wear to each event? Will you need a poncho for rain? Will you need a koozie for your beer? You just don’t know… read on to see our complete list of what to pack and bring to the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend!

Do Bring

A Permanent Marker

Does this one strike you as strange? Well it shouldn’t! With SOOO many NFL greats in one place, and an Autograph Session scheduled in, you’ll want a permanent marker on hand to snag autographs! The last think you want is to run into your favorite player only to find out neither of you have anything to write with!

Item to Be Signed

If you’ve got an old game ball passed down from your grandfather, to your father to you and you know you’d love to have it signed, this is the perfect weekend to do so! Whether it’s the jersey you’re wearing or a particular piece of football memorabilia, pack it in and whip it out during the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend to capture autographs!

Camera or Camera Phone

What’s the point of going to a bucket list event if you can’t gloat a little about it? There will be plenty of souvenirs and memorabilia as part of your Pro Football Hall of Fame Package, however, getting a picture with one of the enshrinees or other NFL Legends will further make your friends salivate with jealousy. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Pro Tip: You are allowed to take pictures and video inside the Hall of Fame Museum—an excellent time to grab shots of football history!

Favorite Team or Player Jersey

While the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a very classy, emotional affair, Sunday will have all the elements of a true gameday—with a little extra! During the Tailgate associated with your package, rock your favorite team or player jersey and then wear your jersey loud and proud during the Hall of Fame Game!

A Button Down or Dress

This may seem a far cry from the last item to bring, but your packages will grant you access to some very elegant and exclusive events and you will want to look the part. Business/smart casual is recommended (at least for Friday)!

Schedule of Events

Make sure to have this handy as you will want to map out your free time to tackle the Museum as well as visit other attractions in Canton! For a guide on what to do in Canton:

Your Guide to Canton 

Comfortable Shoes

There’s so much to do, and quite a bit of walking so be sure to bring comfy shoes to keep your feet from hating you! Flip flops, sandals, sneakers, and wedges are highly recommended!

There’s Still Time

…For you and your fellow die-hard football fans to make it to this amazing weekend. With packages still available, there’s no excuse for missing out on the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend!

Packages include tickets to Friday, Saturday and Sunday events or single day options. With Official Packages you can get access to exclusive events such as the Hall of Fame Game, the Gold Jacket Ceremony and the Enshrinement Ceremony. Additionally, secure invites to the official tailgates taking place over the weekend, and get in the door with access to gourmet food buffets, complimentary or cash bar drinks, VIP amenities and more!

Learn which package will work best for your group and join us for the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend!

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