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Pro Bowl in Hawaii vs. the Mainland

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

August 1, 2014

Everyone calm down!

I’m not saying one is better than the other, or one is more desirable. I’m saying they’re different, and who wouldn’t agree with that?

This year, the NFL’s annual All-Star game sends it’s best to Arizona just one week before the 2015 Super Bowl to be played in the same venue: University of Phoenix Stadium.

For regular viewers or attendees of the Pro Bowl in years past, this has meant visiting Hawaii (unless you live there) or watching from home. Being in Arizona this year, the 2015 Pro Bowl presents a unique opportunity, not just for mainland fans but for football fans in general.

Read on as we look at the differences between the Pro Bowl being held in Hawaii and being held on mainland U.S.A.!

Pro Bowl Hawaii

The obvious upside here, is that for fans AND players alike this means a beautiful locale and setting for football.

2015 Pro Bowl

In addition to making the trip for football, fans and players have also managed to turn this annual game into a vacation from, what are typically, colder months on the mainland. For Hawaii locals, it’s also a chance to watch live football played on their home turf!

With no “Hawaiian” football franchise, the Pro Bowl is the only time that the game is played on the island. Don’t fret Hawaiian locals, as the game is set to return in 2016.

Pro Bowl Mainland

A Pro Bowl being played on the mainland is not a first for the league, in fact it’s happened quite a few times. More recently, in 2010, Florida hosted both the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl.

Arizona’s no stranger to a big stage either, having hosted the 2008 Super Bowl.

All of that aside, after four seasons, mainland US fans will get a chance to see the best compete without having to cross an ocean. Additionally, the 2015 Super Bowl will be played less than a week later in the very same stadium.

Can you say Epic Football Week?

Without the hassle of having to move around events, the NFL will have its two best teams, all of its best players and some of their biggest fans in one place for the two highlight events of the season. I have goose bumps just thinking about it!

The upside here is, for the larger group of non-Hawaiian fans, the commute will be far shorter and much less expensive than arranging travel and accommodations to Hawaii.

While I would say the downside is that it’s not in a tropical locale, Arizona—specifically Phoenix and Glendale, have gotten facelifts in preparation for the event. The downtown area has undergone a serious renovation and put in tons of new attractions to get even seasoned travelers excited about a trip to Arizona!

Have you been to a Pro Bowl in Hawaii? How about on the mainland? What do you think the main differences are? Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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