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LIVE From Canton, the Enshrinees' Gold Jacket Ceremony!

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 2, 2014

NFLOL HOF lockup CMYK Enshrinement FestivalWe've made it to day two of the
2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival as night one has come to a close! The first ceremony is complete, but not without lack of emotions. NFL On Location guests have had the incredible opportunity to waltz through this first day of the festival as VIPs and have had incomparable access so far!

Take a look at their experience though the first day of the Enshrinment Festival and see the excitement that is coming their way today!

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Night 1: The Gold Jacket Ceremony

The Welcoming Party

Athough events have been taking place all week in Canton and at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Friday was considered the official start. When NFL On Location guests arrived, they were invited to visit the Hall of Fame and take a self-guided tour amongst the bronze busts and various honors and acollades that line the walls of the Hall.

In the early evening, guests gathered in the lobby of their various hotel and boarded the NFL On Location shuttles to head over to the Hall of Fame as a group for the Friday Night Reception.

Platinum Plus
and Platinum guests arrived first and were ushered into the VIP tent. Once inside, their eyes lit up at the sight of the various gourmet buffet tables, the carving station and the premium open bar. Beautifully set tables were staged throughout the room, and the DJ spun the hottest tracks to keep the party going.

Gold and Bronze level guests arrived shortly after and were invited inside the tailgate tent next door. This celebration party was not as intimate as the VIP party, but still offered guests similar amenities and plenty of delicious food options.

Quarter til 7 p.m., Platinum Plus and Platinum guests boarded the NFL On Location shuttles once again as they were transported the short distance away to the Canton Memorial Civic Center to watch the Gold Jacket Ceremony LIVE!

LIVE From Canton, the Enshrinees' Gold Jacket Ceremony

First off, if you've ever been inside the Civic Center, you know just how large the capacity is. Well, folks, it was packed out! Family, friends, Hall of Famers, and the Class of 2014 covered the ground level all the way across to the blue stage that the Gold Jackets would soon be awarded on, and NFL on Location VIPs and other fans sat along the risers.

This vantage point offered the VIPs an elite, birds-eye view of the entire ceremony, allowing them to not miss any reactions or emotional moments shared between the Class of 2014, past Hall of Famers and their families.

As everyone took their seats, host Rich Eisen stood up and lightened the emotion in the room with his witty humor. Then, it was time to honor the Hall of Famers who returned to Canton to welcome the Class of 2014 into their elite fraternity.

One by one, their name and accomplishments were announced and the men wearing the Gold Jackets crossed the stage. Once crossing, they lined the walkway of the ground floor. As the final Hall of Famer crossed the stage, it was time. Time for the Class of 2014.

One by one, they came on opposite sides of the room onto a platform. Eisen reminded the mass of people present and all of the fans watching from home why these men deserved the Hall of Fame honor, and then welcomed them to Canton! As he did this, each member of the Class of 2014 made their way through the sea of Hall of Famers to make it to center stage. 

Welcoming hugs were shared, tears were shed and emotions were had.

Then, it was time for the Class of 2014 to be welcomed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame officially by receiving the first step of induction, their Gold Jackets! 

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Each member of the Class selected someone very special to them to help them put on their Gold Jacket for the first time. For some, it was a family member, for others, it was a past coach or another Hall of Famer.

One by one they took the stage and the ceremonioius donning of the Gold Jacket took place. Each reaction was different. Claude Humphrey couldn't help but bow down and thank his fans and fellow Hall of Famers for the honor. Michael Strahan offered fist pumps to the sky. Ray Guy simply walked the stage with his arms stretched out feeling the emotion wash over him.

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Watching these great men experience the process so humbly was emotional in itself as they are each so deserving of the honor.

So congratulations to the Class of 2014! The process in the journey to joining the Pro Football Hall of Fame is complete and the Enshrinement Ceremony awaits them tonight!

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